You Can Now Play DOOM Inside DOOM

You Can Now Play DOOM Inside DOOM

I’m starting to feel a little dizzy. We have YouTube user TheZombieKiller to thank for this ridiculousness.

Of course, this isn’t the only weird place you can run DOOM. How about an inkjet printer?


  • and then he runs up to the same terminal to play Doom inside Doom inside Doom.

    • Baow, ba-b-baow, ba-b-baow, ba-b-bao-bao-bao-baow, baow, ba-b-baow, ba-b-baow, ba-ner-net.
      Neh-neh-neh, neh neh-neh, neh neh-neh-neh…

      • Can anyone guess this game – ba ba bowp , ba ba bowp, ba ba bowp ba ba ba bowp.

  • I can see this sort of idea being Ubisofts next paid DLC, Assassins creed : Assassins creed… Watch your assassin assassinate targets as he plays assassins creed as an… Dear god I’ve gone cross eyed.

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