Red Dead Redemption On PC... So Close!


    Tease :(
    (Though I was pretty happy with the 360 version)

    Really wish Rockstar would do it officially. RDR is one of those games I'd be willing to pay for more than once to have a PC version.

    They do seem quite silly not putting it on pc (I believe the reason given was that there was no market for it...:-( )

      I've read from a number of sources that the reason was more technical of nature. Primarily, that the developers applied many hacks to the engine with a lot of kludgy code, even moreso after optimisations for the consoles [aimed at their powerPC architecture]. It was basically being held together with digital duct tape....

      Given Rockstar's record for PC ports at the time [We all know how GTA4 ran/runs on PC's], it just wasn't a viable option.

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    Hopefully it'll get BC through the Xbox One. On the other hand, I can play it right now on my PC, through XB1 streaming with the 360 as my HDMI input haha.

      With mouse and KB?

        Don't forget the huge delay the HDMI input on the Xbone has as it isn't meant for games play the small (negligible) lag of streaming to the PC.

    All i want is RDR sequel :(

      This. So many times this. This all over the place. This this this.

      While I would love another RDR game, how would you envision the story to actually work? [serious]

      For the life of me, I can't come up with a way to have an actual sequel, for a couple of reasons.
      1) The whole background of the game is the end of the wild-west era. John resigns to the quiet life not only to redeem for his ways, but also because he admits that the time of that way of life is coming to an end.
      2) Even if you were to continue as Jack, the other reasons John 'retires' is because he doesn't want his son to follow in his footsteps.

      I think they would have to have both an unrelated story, and also have it set either at the same time or earlier than RDR.

        Just because it's a sequel doesn't mean it has to be about them, i would love a between wild west into civil war days type thing with industrialization becoming a big thing, i just loved riding around in a posse with all my mates on their horses :P.

        I really think they could do much better with the online after the success of GTAV, robbing wild west banks, looting trains etc

    Still hands down my favorite game, not a PC gamer but a game that awesome should not be kept from anyone!

    I'll never forget going into Mexico the first time with the sun coming up. Good times! I'd buy it again!

    It's only a matter of time before Witcher 3 gets a cowboy mod.

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