You Should Take A Closer Look At Arkham Knight's Billboards

You Should Take A Closer Look At Arkham Knight's Billboards

There are hundreds of billboards all over Gotham in Batman: Arkham Knight. You, like me, might have missed how they change over time.

What follows could be considered a plot spoiler for Arkham Knight.

Early on in the game, Batman is exposed to Scarecrow's hallucinogenic drug. This mostly ends up influencing the game's cutscenes, but there are far more subtle impacts to Batman's psyche.

If you take a look at the billboards around you in the game, you'll notice they change around:

You Should Take A Closer Look At Arkham Knight's Billboards

Cradle II Grave Gaming on YouTube has chronicled a bunch of these — it's super cool!

Part of what makes Rocksteady's Batman games so great is the absurd attention to detail.

There are even a few times where it messes with the game's statues.

You Should Take A Closer Look At Arkham Knight's Billboards

What else have you noticed while floating around Gotham?


    The billboards in my PC version were in too low resolution to read properly :(

    The effect gets more pronounced as you go through the game too.

    I can't help but feel jaded when I see these articles. It just reminds me that I can't experience this obviously great game because of the PC port.

    I tried, I really did, but it's not just the performance issues that stop me. (Which are pretty awful BTW. The consoles consistently deliver a smoother experience at their respective resolutions than my i5 and 970, that get anywhere from 9(!?!?!!?) to 60fps at 1080p).

    I've teleported down streets while fighting and had several complete audio drop outs and crashes.

    Given that I got the game with my 970, I've considered, bitterly to some degree at 'losing' one of the purchasing incentives, giving up and getting the PS4 version. But at this point I can't justify giving them my money.

    I guess I'll just have to be happy that other people are having a good time for now.

    I once had a random goon replaced by the Joker during a fist-fight late in the game. They didn't draw attention to it or anything, he was just there in the middle of the throng. Nice touch.

      I had this happen too; just a random punch up in the streets, when I could swear I saw the Joker rush me. Turned around, no-one there.

      Yeah, I had Joker appear amongst a bunch of goonz while scanning via a remote batarang for one with a bomb in his head.

      I had that too. Once the fight was over I walked around a little bit and noticed that the goon went sort of back to normal, with scraps of purple clothing and his face still painted.

    This happens to the Gotham Herald statues most notably. I like how you can turn and it is the normal image, then turn away then back and it is the jokerised one, then it changes back again.

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