10 Minutes Of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Footage At 60FPS

On some level we all know what Call of Duty is gonna look like. It's the FIFA of first-person shooters at this point. But I'm still loving the whole 60 frames-per-seconds on YouTube thing, so here's some super good footage of Black Ops 3. A game that is actually looking pretty sweet.

And sure, you may be over Call of Duty. But if you are still a fan of the series, and even if you're not, this is a fun watch. It's gotten me playing catch-up with all the new additions to the COD formula, what with the Titanfall-style wall jumps and double jumps. I'm not sure if this is enough to get me back into Call of Duty in any serious way, but it's still a fun watch.


    I was kinda expecting to see some actual wall-running. All I saw was one moment just before he fell to his death right at the start. In general it didn't look like (aspects of) Titanfall at all, And I've been playing a lot of Titanfall recently.
    Might be worth mentioning but Titanfall seems to be making a comeback through what I'm guessing is EA Access. $7 to "rent" Titanfall, BF4, Peggle 2, a bunch of sports games and maybe some other stuff for a month actually seems like a good deal.

    The yearly Call of Duty Release is an institution in the Games industry. I like it.
    I like it for the single player.
    I like to bring it home from the midnight launch and do an all nighter on the campaign. Then I follow up with a Verteran/Collectibles run.

    Just reminds be of how long it's been since I played any Call of Duty.

    Don't really miss it to be honest.

    Admittedly, I still play COD4: MW1 on a daily basis because it's the best

      Call of Duty UO is still the best one in my mind, followed but MW1. The mission where you walk around inside a bomber: priceless.

    Doesn't look like the graphics have improved any. might be the res I'm viewing it at but maybe not

    Watched one minute then got bored. Apart from the magic jumping it looks the same as COD4 which was the last one I played.

    Sure it has wall running, but there's a severe lack of squid.

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