12 Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid V Looking Fantastic

For all the guff that comes with it, seriously — how good does Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain look? I feel like this is being a little overlooked in the Konami/Kojima controversy. I really, really want to play this game.

I've always felt this way about the Metal Gear Solid games. Take away the gumph — the weird dialogue, the story that oscillates rapidly in quality — and you have the very best stealth experience video games have to offer.

And Metal Gear Solid V, to me, looks like it might raise the bar again.

Because as short as it was, the depth of the options, the multiple different ways you can approach scenarios. I could probably play this game for years.


    Shit, I hope this is delayed for another 3 years so my 2 yr old is in school by the time it launches.
    Ohterwise DOCS is going to come a knocking a week after this is released.

    It looks pretty good, but it's going to strain my thumbs on the pachinko machine.

    Does anyone know if the $59.99 price on steam is the final price or will there be the patented 2K bait and switch and jack up the price.

    Um...wouldn't the two dudes investigate a saddled horse galloping past them with no rider?

    Just sayin…

    (note: watching at work with the sound down in case they explained it)..

      No.. they didn't.. they just said that by hanging off the side, it lowers your profile... but after seeing those dudes get attached to the balloons.. I kinda lost my sense that this world would be ultra realistic.

    Yes MGS games are awesome stealth games, but no shit - "Take away the gumph" and I would not play them.

      I second this entirely. Thoroughly enjoy the 'gumph'

    I can't wait for this game, it looks amazing. Had so much fun with Ground Zeroes. The Konami/Kojima controversy has been unfortunate, as to the recent press about Konami's working conditions, but at the end of the end of the day, a lot of people have put so much work into the game it would be a real kick in the teeth to them if everyone decided to boycott. In saying that, I would imagine that this will be the last hit Konami will see.

    I caught the hype taxi to the hype train, to then get aboard the hype cruise ship to the airport where I flew to MGSV land in a hype 747.


      and then the plane was hijacked by Konami and they flew it-

      Ahahahaha! I'm sorry, that was really mean.

    The hype is real. Kojima made it, that's all I care about. Konami/Kojima Productions shenanigans be damned. EMM. GEE. ESS.

    This game will be amazing, and I hope it sells well so Koji Pro's efforts aren't for nothing. Can't wait to play it, still need to finish GZ though.

    I'm curious now if the reason behind Hayter's "departure" was because of Kojima or Konami given everything that's been going on.

      I'm still clinging to the hope that Hayter plays solid snake while the new guy is naked. But that probably doesn't make sense with ground zeroes story...I just want Hayter back : (

        I miss Hayter already :( It doesn't help that I've been finishing off Snake Eater recently.

    I don't think kotaku has shown this amazing mgs:tpp game play trailer for the FOB system:

    no problem.

    Loved ground zeroes and unlike a lot of GWG titles it seems like my entire friends list is playing it at the moment!

    I still think SplinterCell Blacklist has the finest stealth controls in the genre but Metal Gear's goofy sandbox nature is the secret to its appeal to me!

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