14 Minutes Of Mad Max Looking A Lot Like A Video Game

Hey don't forget about Mad Max! It's coming out pretty damn soon (September 1) and people have sorta stopped talking about it. Which is strange post-Fury Road.

But it also makes perfect sense. Mad Max doesn't exactly look or feel like any cinematic version of Mad Max that ever existed. That's gonna hurt it in the long run I expect, but it doesn't mean the game can't be fantastic.

At the very least I expect Mad Max will be a 'very good good video game'. And by that I mean it will satisfy the needs of people who want to do video game things: drive cars, shoot people, punch people, upgrade things, make structures explode. That's what I'm getting from it.

That's a good thing I suppose. I'd like something a bit more strange and otherworldly — something a bit more in the spirit of Mad Max 2 or Mad Max: Fury Road. But you can't argue with this either really. Still super interested.


    I want to play Mad Max, it looks great, and I'll buy day one, but it will have to wait in line to be played behind Metal Gear V.
    I suspect it will have to wait for a while...

    So it'll be pretty much like Fury Road then: Very good, but not really Max

    Road Warrior and Fury Road are worlds apart. You can't have both mate.

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    but..but it looks/feels like Fury Road, i dont understand. But yeah, cautiously optimistic...

    its weird with this game because 99% of the time people dont want a game made for a movie, yet alot of the critisim that ive seen for this game is the fact that it has nothing to do with fury road ( hence why it was released when fury road came out)

    I also worry about the game not selling just because of how bad the Arkham knight and MKX PC ports were, even though avalanche are solid PC developers

      But Avalanche only publish under Eidos Interactive and Square Enix, neither of whom even published Arkham Knight and even then the PC port was handled by Iron Galaxy Studios wasn't it?

        this is being published by Warner Bros though

      It'll drop pc sales for sure. It's going to have a real hard time selling against mgs5 unless there is huge promotion with the DVDs/bluray fury road release

    Looks fantastic visually, and love the look of particularly the driving physics and first person view! If this gets even decent reviews I'll be getting it.

    I hope it does good enough to warrant a sequel, mostly because I believe that the devs will listen to what consumers want and make a better game that is more unique. I will probably get this eventually, maybe during the winter empty period next year. When I do get it I will play the music from fury road constantly on loop while I play.

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    I'm keen. This looks pretty cool, all up.

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