5+ Minutes Of Video Game Racing So Good I Can't Even

5+ Minutes Of Video Game Racing So Good I Can't Even

It just...the madness begins immediately, and for five minutes, it does not stop.

What's cool here isn't necessarily just the driving — though some of those drifts and flips are incredibly precise — but the design of the track itself, which has been meticulously arranged to allow for a car to be flung through it at top-speed with only millimetres to spare on every side. Rather than a car racing around a track, it's as though the track has been built around the car.

This clip was actually recorded back in 2013, and the internet being as cruel as it is, it lay dormant for years until it got some traction this week. Glad it's finally getting the love and admiration it deserves though, because holy shit.

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    I'm pretty sure the track was built around the car. Isn't it designed so the car doesn't have to manually turn, so all the player has to do is accelerate?

    Also, didn't this gain traction last year? Good to see it going around again, though. It's pretty rad!

      Quote from the video owner

      So what you mean? If you mean create map i don't build and create it, this map I've download map in TM site link in description below.
      If mean how I play? I just hold press forward don't move anything around play. :P"

      Last edited 24/08/15 8:12 pm

    Cant wait for the VR version, people gonna puke everywhere, :P

    This is called a "press forward map". All the driver is doing is holding w.

    with how I am with the batmobile I'd hit the first pillar and then fall off the course

    This was tweeted by Kotaku's own Patrick Klepek over a month ago. but it's ok we'll watch it again.

    is it wrong that I want to live in a world where this is possible, and survivable?

      Probably the same world as the Rollcage Games

        Oh my god the memories you have just managed to fill me with. I love Rollcage!

          Oddly enough there is a Kickstarter for a Rollcage style game made by some ex-devs out now

    It sort of reminds me of the megarace series. I loved those games.

    Mmm might be time to fire up Trackmania 2 again...

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