A Different Way To Play Dark Souls Using Twitch

So we all know about the regular 'Twitch Plays Dark Souls' stream. It's pretty 'good'. If by 'good' you mean endlessly frustrating and frequently hilarious.

Veteran Dark Souls playing Lobos Jr is also doing a Twitch Plays Dark Souls stream. But his is a little different.

How do I even explain this?

Look at it this way: Lobos Jr is playing Dark Souls. But instead of using the game itself, he playing and watching his OWN TWITCH STREAM.

What does this mean? Well, it means he's sort of on a delay, because Twitch is always on a delay. The game he is playing is literally on a 2 second lag.

Okay, so this sounds easy enough. But imagine, really imagine trying to play a game of Dark Souls that is two second behind the one you are actually playing. Now imagine trying to fight, say, Ornstein & Smough? YOU HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN THE THING YOU ARE ABOUT TO DO YET!

Jesus. This is making my head hurt just thinking about it. Lobos Jr is a goddamn genius.


    So basically this is a simulation of a game streaming service if you connected from Australia? ^_-

      Oh man, that passive aggression just knocked the socks right off me! I like it!

    Oh, so he's playing the game like an Australian plays multiplayer?


      except not.

    I think a better way to try and do "Twitch plays Dark Souls" would be, were it able (which I'm 10,000% sure it isn't, but hey), would be, to say, if everyone commented and every five seconds the chat / program registered the specific commenter at the time and gave them full control for five full seconds, then after five seconds it specifies a new "host" based on the commenters and switches to them.
    Gives it far more order while still giving everyone control, and would actually make it more possible.

    Isn't that like playing any game ever?

    First two comments beat me to the punch.
    Reminds me of playing destiny on a friday night lol

    It's on a 10 second delay not 2

    Been watching this, he beat Gargoyles on the 17th go. As LobosJR pointed out he thinks it is one of the harder fights because their are 2 bosses and gravity (falling of the sides) plus he is really early in the playthrough so gear and stats are much lower. O&S should be easy as he has already done a over encumbered run and plans to do the same, big weapon lots of poise and face tank them. Smough will be hard challenging so he might try to kill him first.

    Sens will be interesting, he has done that area already blindfolded before but still should be fun. LobosJR also confirmed in today's stream he is definitely uploading the whole thing to youtube and I hope he does a highlights because the run back to the bosses are brutal and take forever.

    And can confirm as Blackdawn said its a 10 second delay... Its like playing blindfolded but he can check for errors such as equipping the wrong weapon or stopping and waiting for the feed to catch up to see if he is running the right way.

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