A Reminder That Getting Rid Of Snake In Metal Gear Solid Was A Bad Idea

Hey remember Metal Gear Solid 2? Remember Raiden? Remember that crushing disappointment?

This is a good reminder that switching your badass main protagonist for a weird, whiny one you never asked for is a strange thing to do. And you probably shouldn't do it.

And I actually love Metal Gear Solid 2.

But yeah, this video is on the money. Maybe we'll get another one like it in a decade about Kiefer Sutherland replacing David Hayter.

Probably not.


    I like Raiden precisely because he is so whiny... hilarious.


    I never got the hate...

    I enjoyed every damned minute of mgs2, never understood the dislike for raiden.


    Enlighten thyself. The inclusion of Raiden is a master-stroke in the way MGS2's storyline was crafted.

      This. I love hearing rage against MGS2 Raiden purely because it just confirmed Kojima's genius. The tease of the tanker section was just trolling perfection.

    I never played mgs2 but this made me laugh something chronic.

    Playing as Snake the entire time in MGS2 would have made it an entirely different game and story.

    Having just finished MGS2 in the past week (HD Collection), I can now honestly say that Raiden isn't THAT bad. Of course, this time around I knew what was coming and Rose is still annoying, but it's interesting to see Raiden interact with Snake and learn some tough lessons on the battlefield.

    It was fine. If you complain about it, it means you didn't get it.

    I thought it was a ballsy move, one that hadn't really been done before or since. It just shows how differently Kojima thinks about games to other game developers.

    Either i have forgotten about all of the snake troll stuff or it just went straight over my head at the time (i did only borrow the game from a mate and pretty much ran through it though) but i do not remember the whole thing. I liked Raiden for his kick ass name (give me a break i was 14 at the time).

    Raiden was a good character. People were just mad that they didn't get to feel like big strong men by being a gruff, no-nonsense soldier with a thousand yard stare. How dare you make an interesting character who isn't an 80s action hero!

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