A Resident Evil 2 Remake Pitch Is Already In Capcom’s Hands

A Resident Evil 2 Remake Pitch Is Already In Capcom’s Hands

Good news everyone! Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, the producer behind Resident Evil HD Remaster, has already put together a pitch for a remake of Resident Evil 2 and apparently presented it to his Capcom overlords.

Gematsu reported that Hirabayashi posted a picture of the pitch on Facebook, noting that he started putting the pitch together after the RE HD Remaster was finished. He also says that he cleaned it up and showed it to his bosses. And then … he doesn’t say what happened. Stop teasing us!

But at least it does seem like there’s suddenly a bunch of interest in maybe possibly potentially finally putting together a re-release of Resident Evil 2 at Capcom. The likely culprit spurring on the discussion is this slick-looking Unreal Engine 4 remake of the game, called Resident Evil Rebirth, which is supposed to be coming out later this summer. It got a lot of press recently, and apparently made Capcom go, “Oh hey people like that game?” or something.

In fact, just a few days ago, Capcom’s “R&D Division 1” went to Facebook to basically ask Resident Evil fans if they really, truly want a Resident Evil 2 remake. And then thousands of them said, “Yes, oh my god, why haven’t you done this already.”

Hopefully an overwhelmingly positive response will have Capcom realising we RE fans are madly waving our hands with sweaty dollars at the ready for more Resident Evil 2. I’d buy that game again in a heartbeat: it was the game that convinced me to buy a Playstation, the game that engendered in me a longtime love of the zombie genre, and the game that introduced me to my very favourite variety of video game, survival horror. I can’t think of a more formative title from my youth that I’d love to revisit. Plus, I want another crack at that giant alligator.

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  • RE2 is my favourite of the pre RE4 titles so a REmake style reworking would please me greatly.

  • … at this point isn’t it something of a no-brainer? If they’re still debating the viability of a remake I’m officially declaring Capcom a bunch of morons.

  • I agree.

    Back in the Game Cube days they released the REworked version of RE1, saying they’d be steadily releasing each game REworked if the first was successful. The RE1 REwork was incredible, was really well received, great reviews then….nothing.

    • I never remember that. What I remember was announcing their partnership with Nintendo to release the Remake on the GameCube and that Zero would become a GC title (as it was originally planned for the N64). At the same time they’d re-release 2, 3 and Code Veronica on CG alongside Remake so fans had access to all major entries to that date.
      I never remember any news about possibly giving other entries the makeover the original was getting. I would’ve lapped that news up.

  • One of my issues with the fan made remake was that the gameplay looked too much like RE4. I don’t have any issues with RE4 itself, but the level design in RE2 was based around its gameplay, putting an over the shoulder camera into that would ruin some of the mechanics used. I’m assuming that capcom wouldn’t do the same thing, considering the remake of the first resi, but still, I hope they don’t.

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