A Shark Tank Show For Video Games Is Being Made

A Shark Tank Show For Video Games Is Being Made
Image courtesy of Brianna Wu.

If you’re happy to risk being roasted on cable TV to get some additional investment for your video game, then this new show is for you.

Brianna Wu has tweeted out an image this morning calling for developers to answer a casting call for a Shark Tank-style television show, where developers will vie for investment among a panel of business experts.

“Do you love video games,” the image asks. “Would you like the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pitch your game to the top industry professionals?”

Image courtesy of Brianna Wu.

Wu added that casting is only happening in the United States for now and that the producers were “unable to explain … the exact mechanism for funding or answer equity questions”. “But the show itself is legit,” she wrote.

It’ll be interesting to see how far this show gets off the ground, who sits on the panel and what kind of video games actually get through the vetting process (let alone the ones that the panel decides to invest in).

What captains of industry or video game icons would you like to see sitting on such a panel? I have a strong feeling that Tim Schafer will probably make an appearance — Double Fine have form in this area, after all.


  • Sadly, in an industry where microtransactions exist and are proven to work financially, a pitch without them to “an industry professional” even remotely concerned with making money will be unlikely to succeed. A game can be good, great even, without them but success isn’t measured in reviews (though bonuses apparently are), success is measured in money and how much you can pull in.
    That said, if there is a panel of professionals who are open minded and who will praise an artistic concept then even were an idea to not gain traction within the dynamic of the show, it would bolster the drive of the creator to continue on their own, finances be damned.

  • With all the options studios have for getting their game published these days, this show seems like it’s purely going for spectacle and ratings rather than actually being concerned with the matter at hand. Of course, that’s pretty much what every “Chance to realise your dream” show is about, but I certainly wouldn’t be going into this hoping to secure funding. I would also be super worried about whether I would still have any ownership of my game after a year.

    • I had to Google her to find out what her qualifications were to push such a program. If I was a desperate developer I wouldn’t go near that at all.

      Her Wikipedia page reads like it was written by her.

    • A whole TV Show just so she can label every game presented as misogynistic?
      This sounds like the most stupid crap ever, and I would not watch it at all.
      No good game will come out of this (referring to the point @nexi makes).

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