All The New Hearthstone Cards For The Grand Tournament Expansion

Once I realised the impossibility of hitting Legend unless I forewent living a normal life for a month, I gave up on Heathstone. I still follow the release of new cards however and it's been interesting to see the direction Blizzard is taking with the latest expansion, The Grand Tournament. Now, with all the cards out, you can get a well-rounded perspective on the thing.

If you head over to the official Hearthstone Facebook page, you'll find all the cards in picture form. While they're not laid out in a user-friendly manner (say by mana cost or some such), it's perfectly fine if you just want to whimsically browse the collection.

I think the Inspire mechanic is a good idea — adding some freshness to Hero abilities. The power creep is real, however:

It's not unexpected — it happens with every collectible card game. Not that Booty Bay Bodyguard was seeing play anywhere, but I still feel sorry for the poor guy.

Hearthstone [Facebook, via Reddit]


    Mysterious Challenger seems like an interesting card.

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