All The Trailers You Need To See From Gamescom

Gamescom has been absolutely packed with brand new trailers. Want to save yourself some time searching, we've got all (most) of them right here! Happy watching!

Crackdown 3

Dark Souls III

Final Fantasy XV

Halo Wars 2

Homefront: The Revolution

Just Cause 3

Mafia III

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Quantum Break

Rise of the Tomb Raider


Star Wars: Battlefront

I'm sure we've missed plenty, let us know in the comments below!


    Need for Speed!

      That looks so awesome but EA make me wonder if it will deliver.

        Oh they will deliver.....early and broken lol

        Seriously though, its been a while since a NfS hasn't made me cringe, this looks promising

        unfortunately they'll probably lock half the game behind pre orders and dlc then nickel and dime us to death to expand what will probably be a lacklustre selection of cars and parts

    Mount and Blade 2: Banner Lord B-roll footage

    It's interesting/disappointing how many of those are sequels. What's even more interesting is how many 3s there are in there. Perhaps this is the year of the 3?

      Half Life ---
      Nah, couldn't finish that sentence

      True…. BUT

      Crackdown 3 – Last sequel was terrible and was 5 years ago. 7 years since the original and people are pretty excited.
      Final Fantasy XV- Has been in development for NINE YEARS!
      Halo Wars- First sequel to a fairly interesting game that came out 6 years ago
      Homefront: Revolution- First sequel
      Just Cause III- It’s Just Cause! Needed to be released on the new current-gen…. just ‘cause.
      Mafia III – Last game came out 5 years ago
      MGS V: Phantom Pain- There’ll have been a longer time between the prelude and the main game than there is between the average numbered Assassins Creed release! At least we know it’ll be AAA production wise.
      Mirrors Edge: Catalyst- If you can accuse EA of pumping out cookie-cutter releases by making a sequel to Mirrors Edge… then you can hate them for anything.
      Quantum Break- It’s new. Brand new.
      Tomb Raider- Yeah…. it might be good but it looks like a formulaic sequel to the last breath of fresh air.
      Scalebound- See Quantum Break.
      Battlefront- 10 years since the last Battlefront game. Even if you’re sick of EA pumping out Battlefield games…. This looks like a bit of a fanboy dream.

      So yeah, lots of sequels but not many pointless, cookie-cutter sequels. If you ask me everything except Tomb Raider looks like it has some kind of ambition/ creative purpose as opposed to being a release for the sake of getting a game out the door.

    I'd better pre order all these games and get the Season Pass DLC because if there's one thing I've learnt it's that game trailers are always extremely accurate depictions of how a game looks and functions.

    Bugger the trailers. Can someone tell me how to stop this auto page loading when I get to the bottom of a page?

      If you work it out please tell me, this new page design is garbage.

      are you guys using windows 10? because its only started like for me once i upgraded to it but its only on gawker sites

        Seems to be happening across the board no mater what OS or device so I'd believe it's being rolled out by Gawker.

          It truly is awful, isn't it? And no, this isn't one of those 'upgrades' that I'll get used to.

        you can not they updated the whole site... so its permanent

    I get the sense that Kotaku has something against KI, but the Rash trailer is a work of art.

    Did I hear it right that the space craft battles in Star Wars: Battlefront are on rails?
    A bit disappointing.

      Not sure what you mean by on rails ?

        Kinda like Star Fox 64, I'm having trouble articulating but here's a video for reference (Skip for 1:28 if you don't want to see the cinematic start of the game):

      not sure about the fighter battles on rails, but the AT-AT's are on rails, i haven't heard anything about the fighters being on rail.

      Where was it confirmed that there were space battles in Battlefront?

    Scalebound looks interesting. Although the main character seems a tad annoying.

    Last edited 06/08/15 1:52 pm

    Quantum Break just looks like any one of the many "normal person gets amazing powers to defeat enemies.......which progressively unlock in a convenient order and only when the plot demands it"

    The Destiny: The Taken King trailer is dope.

    when the hell does rise of the tomb raider come out on pc I can't believe they made it xbox exclusive I'm so jealous tbh

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