AMD Gets A Huge Bump In The Early DirectX 12 Results

AMD Gets A Huge Bump In The Early DirectX 12 Results

AMD has been well behind NVIDIA in the last couple of years, but that might be about to change if these DirectX 12 benchmarks hold up.

It’s an early set of benchmarks from Ars Technica UK, which has done a deep dive on the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark. It’s the only publicly available game that has a DX11 and DX12 benchmark, allowing for a window into the kind of performance gains we can expect in a Windows 10 world.

What’s interesting is the jump AMD cards have experienced. Ars was only able to benchmark a R9 290X against a NVIDIA 980 Ti, which under most circumstances wouldn’t be a fair or a just comparison. Typically you’d want to pit AMD’s Fury X against the 980 Ti or the TITAN X, but it was the highest end AMD unit they had available.

Nevertheless, the results were staggering and you should at least give them a once-over if you care at all about PC gaming. There’s a huge explanation on the added features that DX12 brings to the table which explains some of why the results happened, but the sheer fact that an R9 290X managed to beat a GTX 980 Ti while running in 4K — even if it was only by one frame — is simply remarkable.

You can read the breakdown of the results, as well as comparisons at 1080p and 1440p across a range of CPUs, here. More competition always results in a better deal for gamers at the end of the day, and it’ll be fascinating to see how this holds up once more DX12-enabled benchmarks and games become available.


  • Unless their drivers stop being garbage I’ll be sticking with nvidia even if the new amd is twice as fast.

    • Having had my own share of nvidia driver woes, I think you’re just being a nvidia fanboi with this statement. Over the years I’ve had less issues with AMD than with nvidia and own multiple cards from both companies in that time.

      • Agreed, I’m using nvidia at the moment – but I preferred the AMD drivers. I’ve been having strange issues outputting a signal to my TV, which was never an issue with AMD.

      • I agree with this, I haven’t had many issues with AMD drivers but I have had to send back both the 280x and the 290x that I owned due to artifacting but that seems to be more due to gigabytes quality control than AMD. Every Gigabyte product I have ever owned has had to be sent back at some point.

        • Use AMD card with OpenGL and Linux (becoming a thing btw). Prepare to RIP EYEBALLS FROM SKULL!

      • For all these famous AMD driver issues I keep hearing about, I’ve still yet to experience one.

  • I’ve had no issues with the AMD cards and therefore will continue to buy them.. I might have to do a benchmark with my fury x and see what results i get..

    First question…… how would i go about doing that? I’ve never run one before..

  • Ii wouldn’t read too much into this
    I believe that this is an amd backed game so it might just be optimised for amd just like gameworks is optimised for nvidia. Plus it’s not the final version of the game so who knows what the final product will looks like. This all reminds me of the pre release fury x benchmarks that showed the fury x beating the 980ti.

    • I would have thought more likely it was something Nvidia will sort out with a future driver release because you would think they would show an improvement over their own card at the very least.

      • Exactly nvidia won’t sit by and let a 290x beat or come close to one of their flagship cards. I hope it’s closer between the two with windows 10 because I like both companies but I just moved from a 295×2 to 980ti sli and I have to give props to nvidia for the multiple gpu support its way ahead of amd.

  • Yeah right now and in the past nvidia has always just been better allround for me.
    the most alarming thing is how small this card is, why? because now theyre forcing users to adapt watercooling which mightnt seem like a big deal to some people, but the fact is those AIO pumps last 1-2 years and the card costs how much? its def designed to be played hard, burn the pump out and force the user to buy a new one.
    so atleast nvidia has a good long-life cooling option.

  • the linked article is amazing
    almost double the FPS on the 290X going from dx11 to 12. this excites me greatly.

  • Still love how AMD’s Mantle basically forced the DX12 release out, because it highlighted how garbage the DirectX API is. MS went ‘oh, shit’ and had to adapt DX12 to counter it. Everyone loves to give AMD shit, but they’re the real innovators behind the scenes on a lot of fronts. Hell, they even beat Intel to writing the original 64 bit instruction set for CPUs.

  • Would like to get 390x cards (Fury X imo is a dud) but not until AMD figure out how OpenGL and Linux drivers work.

    PS. AMD gave Mantle code to MS/Nvidia/Vulkan teams, i.e. Mantle code exists in DX12 and Vulkan. Which is also based off OpenCL standards.

  • Every single time I see an article that is covering some news for AMD graphics cards, I always see comments about how NVIDIA is way better, and how AMD drivers suck (bla, bla, bla). I read an article recently that talked about how AMD’s market share for dGPU’s had fallen from around 30% to 18%. That is not only bad for AMD, it’s bad for everyone.

    If AMD crash and burn, what competition does NVIDIA have? Do you think NVIDIA is going lower the price of their graphics cards for you when they are all alone in the market? No, they are going to raise them to exorbitant levels (more so than they already are now), because what alternatives are people going to have when NVIDIA has a monopoly?

    Seriously, stop being like people fighting console wars. Why swear these ridiculous allegiances with companies that have no concern for you whatsoever? These are inanimate objects that perform a practical function. They are not a family member you need to defend, or a sworn enemy that you need to insult. Healthy competition is what’s best for the consumer.

    I have mostly used NVIDIA (although my experiences with AMD have been nothing like what some people make it out to be), and I currently own a GTX970 … but do I want to see AMD fail? Hell no. I want them to come back bigger and stronger. I want to see them put NVIDIA against the ropes. I would like to see a wider choice of products. I would like to see the competition be really fierce so that it continues to push innovation and keeps prices from being overly inflated.

    I hope when DX12 titles launch that AMD and NVIDIA products are neck and neck. Why on earth would people want it any other way? Wake up and stop being so short sighted.

    • You summed it up perfectly mate, I’ve always gone to the best price to performance ratio I own nvidia gpus right now but my favourite gpu was the r9 290 for a while back. Amd make fantastic hardware and I hope they claw back some more market share so nvidia has to step up their game. It’d be even better if there was a third option so I hope Intel continues to progress with their gpus as well.

    • Agreed, as soon as AMD fix their Linux drivers (rumored to be happening soon), I will get a AMD card again (last cards I had was 290x, but heat issues and broken linux drivers resulted in me selling them).

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