Attack On Titan Creator Wants To Understand The Movie Hate

Attack on Titan Creator Wants To Understand the Movie Hate

The Attack on Titan live action movie is not very good. It stinks. And the manga's creator, Hajime Isayama, wants to understand the reaction to the picture.

Earlier this month, Kotaku reviewed the live-action version of the popular manga and anime. The movie has been poorly reviewed and received in Japan.

"We're receiving the various opinions," Isayama said (via Yahoo News!), adding that fans are able to relay their thoughts about the picture.

The Attack on Titan creator was involved with the movie's production, which is surprising because the movie undermined so much of what made the manga work.

According to Isayama, there was a meeting with the movie's director, writer, and producer in the wake of reaction to the film. They took into account the "various opinions" as the sequel, Attack on Titan: End of the World, was completed.

"As for the impressions and reactions of those who were excited about the movie, I want to take in the favourable opinions and also the indignant ones, if only to understand them."

Loads of fans were not happy with the film, and the movie has an average rating of 2.16 stars on Yahoo! Japan.

"If there are people who are unsure if they want to see the movie, first, watch the movie's trailer," Isayama said. "The trailer is packed with highlights." Isayama added that there are also tantalising hints at what's to come for the sequel.

"Then those who feel feel like seeing the movie, please, by all means, go to the theatre." The manga creator said he believed people would have a enjoyable time. Oh, that's good, because I didn't.

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    You changed things, people don't like it when you change things.

      As the paragon of social enlightenment, Philip J. Fry once said:
      "But that's not why people watch TV. Clever things make people feel stupid, and unexpected things make them feel scared. "

    I find it difficult to believe that Isayama doesn't actually know exactly why people don't like the movie. Making changes to a story for the sake of adaption isn't necessarily bad (look at edge of tomorrow, far from a perfect adaption of the source material but still a great movie) but most of the changes here seemed to be pointless (changing uniform designs to resemble Nazi uniforms), ill advised (cutting out possibly the most popular character for goodness sake) or actively undermined the themes of the original narrative.

    Last edited 13/08/15 5:49 pm

    I got de ja vu of the Last Airbender real life action movie.

    That's a bad thing.

    Ok it's one thing to say it's bad, but is it Adam Sandler bad?

      Adam Sandler would have been an improvement in this, that's how bad it is.

        So what your saying is all it needed was Adam Sandler as the main character that would yell out "Damn you Scuba Steve!" every time one of his collegues got killed by a Titan?
        Or a Titan Adam Sandler who ran around yelling "H2O!"?

          " a Titan Adam Sandler who ran around yelling "H2O!"?"
          I dunno bout you but i would watch the shit out of that movie

    Dang. Got my tickets booked for this. I'm hoping it doesn't suck too much or that the cinema audience I see it with is on board for open heckling ;)

    *arches an eyebrow* Really? Changed the character names, removed some, change the setting, change the themes, remove anything original or special about the romance... why would anyone have a problem with that?

    "Is it actually bad?"

    Something no one has ever asked of uneducated film critics on video games websites.

    Films and visual stories are complex, they need to be told so you actually have to let them. People are boiling story down to like three plot points and being all "well these aren't in it so it sucks." You realise that if you were to actually educate yourselves in the craft - even slightly - you wouldn't have to rely on a poorly informed emotional reaction to spur criticism. You'd actually be able to make valid points that mattered to others.

    Last edited 14/08/15 1:09 pm

      Or how about just plain movie goers who have heard about Attack on Titan but have never actually seen or taken the time to watch the Anime? Will they be disappointed?

      I am educated in these matters, holding aBachelor of film, masters of producing and working in the media industry (*urgh* I hate even saying that so sorry for making you read it).

      The reason his film was so god awful was because it had a poorly written script that deviated so far from the standard structure as to not provide an adequete self contained story. Sure it might be "part 1" but you still need to adhere to certain standards to tell a story. The lack of a second act turning point or any sort of conclusion just makes people feel they were completely jipped in wasting their time on an incomplete story.

      Everything else could be forgiven and all the changes could just be seen as an "alternate story line" (like Game of Thrones). But failing to adhere to cinematic standards and worse failing to even tell a story is not acceptable.

    Doesnt everyone wish that every book made into a movie was identical, and every series is identical to the movie? It cant happen!!!!! They packed the whole series into 2 movies. Of course they had to thin the plot out a little and give up certain paths of character building that the series had time to accomplish and replace it with something quicker that provides the same dynamic.

    Its almost impossible to take that much content and cram it into 4 or so hours. I am a huge fan of the series, and of course the series had so much more to offer, it was 12-13 hours. Its like saying a book was so much more in depth than the movie!!! Duh!

    Though, Im not sure why they didnt have Erens mom die at the beginning, as being his biggest motivation for wanting revenge. Other than it allowing the dynamic between Eren and Mikasu to be so strong, without having to go through her always protecting him and many scenarios that showed how close they were.

    Again, not enough time to explain all that in a 4hr live action movie. I think they included the most important pieces and did well with creating a great Live action version. Big props to the creator and the team that made the movie. Forget all these negative nancies. I cant wait till this comes to the states so I can see it on the big screen and then buy the DVD when it comes out.

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