Attack On Titan Goes To Junior High In New Anime

Attack on Titan Goes to Junior High in New Anime

Parody manga Attack on Titan: Junior High is getting an anime series. Hope you like giant eyes! (Oh, and giant Titans.)

Attack on Titan: Junior High is set against Titan Junior High and follows the adventures of Eren and Mikasa as they deal with the trials and tribulations of growing up: school, teachers, and Titans.

Don't expect series storylines. For example, in Junior High, a Colossal Titan eats Eren's lunch. What a bully!

Production I.G is handling the animation, and the show begins broadcasting this October in Japan.

Top image: Production I.G


    That's not the anime we need...but might be the one we deserve...

    In other, better news, along with the two live action movies, there's a live action TV show of Attack of Titan starting up on the 8th of August in Japan and it looks GREAT! The show apparently ties into both movies. Here you go:

    This thing has been an Attack on Good Taste since it began. Now they're running the franchise into the ground... This makes me happy.

    Why they wouldn't just spend their resources continuing the anime adaption is beyond me..

    Well, would it help any of the dissenters out there to know that this version of AOT was already manga first?

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