Australia Is Getting Bodied In CS:GO So Far – Except For One Guy

Australia Is Getting Bodied In CS:GO So Far – Except For One Guy

Two Australian teams are flying the Southern Cross in Germany in the world’s largest Counter-Strike Global Offensive tournament. It hasn’t been pretty so far — but at least one Aussie has been putting up a fight.

Not much is expected of either Australian team — Renegades, which is the former Vox Eminor Squad, and Team Immunity — when it comes to getting out of the group stages, let alone competing for a significant chunk of the US$250,000 prize pool.

Immunity and Renegades both played their first single-elimination matches last night. Renegades looked good initially, winning their first five rounds against heavy favourites TSM, but they then lost 13 rounds straight on de_train and the rest of the match petered out from there.

Immunity at least overcame expectations — most were expecting them to win five rounds at best. Their 16-8 loss against Virtus.Pro, a team made up of Polish veterans that have been around for what feels like forever, wasn’t much better but there was at least one highlight for Aussies to feel good about.

It came from Karlo “USTILO” Pivac, one of the fresher faces in Immunity and — full disclosure — a former teammate of mine back when we played together on the Cybergamer ladder. It’s an impressive ace on the biggest CS:GO stage; check it out.

You used to see a lot of similar pistol heroics before Valve decided to finally nerf the CZ auto-pistol. Given how popular the Tec-9 is for Terrorists — it’s only $500 and responsible for many broken hearts, across all levels of play — you can’t help but wonder whether it’ll get a nerf of its own before too long.

Incidentally, Pivac was the only player on Immunity to finish with a respectable score (17-17). It puts him alongside Aaron ‘AZR’ Ward and Chad ‘SPUNJ’ Burchill, the only other Aussies to have a positive or at least neutral kill/death ratio at ESL One Cologne after the first day.

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  • Added note: this was the final round of the first half, Immunity were on a half-buy (armour but with pistols) and Virtus.Pro had full guns and equipment.

  • Good post, man. You’re quickly becoming my new favourite besides Serrels and Fahey. I feel like Kotaku posts could use a “like” button. That way quality content like this can get more recognition while cutting down on the “here’s a text list of items” and “here’s one picture with a link”.

  • Hurray for Cologne coverage. I’ve been trying to harass Serrels about this for a while.

    My two cents… Immunity, given their history did amazing!! By right they shouldn’t have gotten nearly as close to winning as they did.

    Renegades, they better teams aren’t out if the game though. Some tough matches, one of which starting now. But their odds actually are pretty decent. Titan have been weak since the roster change and RNG have done well against NiP before. I’m be cheering for them!!

  • Awesome, LOL!.. He messed ’em up, hehe… Last time we played competitively was way back in teh Quake (1!) days, but giving CS:GO a go – just installed it recently, for the first time – and it’s a refreshing change from CS:S, loving it… Still, just, practicing w/bots – but, looking forward to playing it 4 real. w00t!! 🙂 🙂

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