Ballsy Chinese Console Rips Off Both The PS4 And Xbox One

Ballsy Chinese Console Rips Off Both The PS4 And Xbox One

Right now on China's version of Kickstarter, you can back a console called the OUYE. If you ever wanted a console that looked like a PS4 but had a controller like the Xbox One, it's for you!

Kidding, it's garbage. It's a hunk of copyright-infringing plastic that, judging from the games on show (and the price, seeing as you can pick one up for around $US100), looks like it's running on some modified version of Android.

We've seen some ballsy knock-offs coming out of China over the years, but this one's balls are particularly brassy.

For comparison, here's the PS4 versus the OUYE:

Ballsy Chinese Console Rips Off Both The PS4 And Xbox One

(Note how the OUYE still manages to rip off the Xbox One here by including the top grill from Microsoft's console).

And here's the Xbox One controller versus the OUYE controller:

Ballsy Chinese Console Rips Off Both The PS4 And Xbox One

Slightly less brazen, given the buttons in the centre in place of the Xbox "orb", but still.

As a reminder, China has recently began softening its ban on actual foreign video game consoles.

(via BY2K @ NeoGAF)


    Original console. Don't steal!

    Also, not to be confused with the (semi) failed Android console "OUYA".

    And it rips off the name from OUYA, which is the closest in terms of functionality but customers are least likely to care about.

    Well they have the mold templates for the hardware in China already, it's probably cheaper than designing their own models.

    I feel sorry for the Wii U, doing so badly that the Chinese won't even infring it's copyrights.

      I don't remember the wii u doing badly? Mario Kart, Splatoon and Smash sold pretty damn well... so I guess that means people are buying Wii U's to play them on right?

    That's ballsy AF, if I could read Mandarin or Cantonese I'd back it for a pre-ordered copy of Creed's: Assassin and Arkham Batman Knight Asylum IV.

    Its China (NOT BRITIAN!) what do you expect? copyright means nothing to them.

      One day they'll actually create something good, and I hope the rest of the world rips it off to hell and back and sits back laughing when they whinge about IP infringement.

        Like golf? Fireworks? Noodles? Stealing their fruit and then naming it after another country?

        I'm just kidding btw I imagine China saying "Screw it, they stole everything back then, we shall do it now!!"

      It's not hard to see why.
      Copyright laws in China are fairly young compared to elsewhere and with such a massive manufacturing industry, you would be surprised how often techniques were nicked from them.

      Hell, if we hadn't had CR/IP/TM laws drummed in to us daily since birth, can you imagine trying to explain why a simple plastic box is protected by some kind law?

    Looks like it's all pretty intentional lol.... Even the name. I actually wonder if it's just to get a reaction from western media.

    Anyone know what it actually is? Steambox or Android? Clearly not a MS or Sony machine.

      It's Android - Version 4.4.2 according to the spec sheet.

    "Thanks for your support, you will get a tank console (with 2 handles), you will have two handles, you can play with family, friends, happiness redoubled."

    I've always wanted a tank!

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