Battlefield 4’s Summer Patch Is Being Tested By Sony And Microsoft

If you’re keen as mustard and waiting eagerly for Star Wars: Battlefront, then the news that Battlefield 4 is still getting content might tide you over until November.

David Sirland, a producer at DICE, revealed that the studio had sent the Summer patch for Battlefield 4 to Sony and Microsoft with the PC version to be pushed out to the relevant testing parties either today or tomorrow.

Sirland added on the Battlefield sub-reddit that the community map will be offline for a few days while DICE ensures that crash rates on PC are relatively stable under the new patch.

“For Xbox One, we are finalising the build that we will update the CTE on XB1 with now. It includes both the Valley prototype, and the Community Map in it’s latest form. We will stay on the Proto branch for the foreseeable future, and update the CMP accordingly. More information will come as soon as we have the build ready to go!”

The community map should become playable by early Saturday morning — if not the afternoon at the absolute latest.

DICE’s Summer patch will add a night version of Zavod 311 — Zavod Graveyard Shift — as well as better tick rates for servers to improve general smoothness and quality. Tracer bullets are being neutered slightly, while night versions of Golmud Railway and Siege of Shanghai are being introduced.

If the certification process runs its traditional course, the Summer patch should become available within three to four weeks.

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