Be Careful When Recording With Windows 10’s DVR

Be Careful When Recording With Windows 10’s DVR
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It records everything.

If you’re playing around with the DVR tool in Windows 10’s Xbox app, here’s a pro tip: be very careful with what you’re recording.

User NotThatDoug was playing a fairly innocuous game of Don Bradman Cricket 14 recently when he discovered there was a little more spin on his wicket than he could have imagined. (Warning: slightly NSFW.)

That’s right: the Windows 10 DVR records all audio going through to your speakers, not just the audio feed from the program in question. In this instance, it happened to perfectly record a clip from Rick and Morty’s irreverent first season.

So keep that in mind when you’re fooling around with the Windows 10 DVR. It captures everything.


  • when he discovered there was a little more spin on his wicket than he could have imagined.

    You’re killing me with these cricket puns, Alex…

    That was the best game of DBC I’d played so far, that clip is probably the best (worst?) one of the half dozen or so clips I saved that session, Now I kinda want to try it with some other stuff, see if anything syncs up, maybe some 12th man…

      • God I wish there was a Billy Birmingham mod for these games! That’s the only thing that’s really stopping me from getting into them…

  • thats alright… my windows 10 DVR doesn’t record any audio what so ever… kinda got the direct opposite problem of this lol

  • Its ok, Windows 10 records your keystrokes and allot of other things for MS to store and palm off directly to companies and government authorities, whom will quickly mishandle the information and loose it to hacking groups who will quickly exploit said information on top of all that and create many problems for everyone down the road…..

    It is all ok but, because terrorism will be stopped….

  • Have they made it so you can change the directory it saves to yet? Fair pointless if your OS is on it’s own SSD.
    My Shadowplay folder is currently larger than my Steam folder (I really should delete all those videos I’ll never use).

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