Be Careful When You Fall Asleep Watching Video Games

Or this might end up happening to you.

As most Australian Counter-Strike Global Offensive fans can attest, staying up late to watch the ESL One Cologne matches was an exercise in endurance. Not everyone managed to survive the night. I didn't; I ended up catching the first map, maybe a bit more, of proceedings before shutting down and going to sleep.

Ethan didn't managed to stay awake the whole night either, and it looks like he forgot to pay attention to his little pet. She's less than a year old, Ethan posted, and decided to vent her boredom by pecking the buggery out of Ethan's laptop while he was asleep.

Look after your pets — and your keyboards, everyone.


    AAARGH! Pigeon!!!! I hate pigeons!

      I'm no bird expert but I don't think that's a pigeon. It doesn't look fat or rage inducing enough.

        It's a cockatiel, they're really cool if you have them hand-raised.

          I thought it might have been cos my parents had cockatiels but I didn't want to say that and look like an idiot hehe

    My cockatiel tore all of the rubber buttons off of my tv remote once, and since the units no longer have physical controls I actually had to buy a new remote to use my tv!

    But damn it was cute at the time.

    My cat destroyed the keyboard of my wife's laptop. Fortunately it wasn't really being used anymore and was only on/open to recover some files to transfer over to the new desktop. It did teach us not to leave laptops unattended though.

    "Or this might end up happening to you."

    Not owning a bird, I highly doubt that,

    My friend would fall asleep while playing/watching things on his ipad.... slump..... CRASH haha.

    My routine can consist of watching netflix on the couch... wake up and ahhhh, 2 episodes has passed. Should probably goto bed now.

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