Bear Force 2 Adds Star Wars Into The World Of Mount & Blade: Warband

Bear Force 2 Adds Star Wars Into The World Of Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade crossed with Star Wars and lightsabers. This sounds like heaven.

It’s called Bear Force 2, a collaboration between a group of modders designed to combine the worlds of Star Wars with Mount & Blade: Warband, which has the healthiest community of any of the Mount & Blade games on Steam right now.

Due out for release later this year, Bear Force 2 — which doesn’t appear to list bears anywhere in the feature list, much to my disappointment — will add expanded CIS and Republic factions, Rebels, the Empire, Wookies, Super Battle Droids, bowcasters, officer pistols, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, machine guns, sniper rifles, new maps, classes, as well as more environments and scene props.

Why are there no bears in this game? I know they don’t belong, but as soon as I see the words “Bear Force 2” all I wanted was bears. As inappropriate as they would be. Although I suppose Wookies kind of fits the bill. A bit.

Mount & Blade was never my cup of tea as a single-player experience, but I always enjoyed it every time someone fired it up and convinced me to give it a run at my local LAN. That said, it’ll be interesting to see how far Disney lets this mod go down the road.

If you were translating Mount & Blade into the Star Wars universe, what would you do? I’d maybe start small, create something based around Tatooine and have some Pod racing going on.


  • Having sunk so many hours into this game. This will be good to revisit it again. I used to play the Lord of the Rings mod to this pretty heavily, so would be good to change it up. Certainly earmarking this for release.

  • There is a brilliant Game of Thrones Mod for warband I beleive its called a clash of kings, named after book two obviously, but the characters are taken straight from the Books with some HBo influenced artwork and character models etc…

    Solid game, can’t wait for MB 2 banner lord

    • DCMA takedown/Cease and Desist on distribution for any site hosting the files.

      You’d be surprised just how big a pack of fucking wankers publishers can be about utterly harmless mods.

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