Blackwake Is The Next Big Australian Kickstarter Success Story

Blackwake Is The Next Big Australian Kickstarter Success Story

The combination of Pirates in the Caribbean and naval battles has done brilliantly for Tyler Newton and his team, with the multiplayer FPS project surpassing six figures and its original target ten-fold.

Blackwake is having a second crack at the Kickstarter lottery after it raised only $7,683 towards the end of last year.

With 8 days to go this time around, however, funding won’t be an issue. The team lowered the bar to a measly $10,000 and they’ve well and truly surpassed it, with the campaign sitting on $106,118 at the time of writing.

You can watch some fresh gameplay of Blackwake below (slight profanity/language warning).

The effort makes Blackwake one of the most successful Australian projects on Kickstarter to date, with only a handful of projects raising more money. Those projects include the Fragged Empire tabletop RPG ($113,975), Trainz Simulator: A New Era ($191,771), Armello ($305,360) and Satellite Reign — which at today’s exchange rates would have raised over $1,005,651.

It’s not often that Australian projects break six figures on Kickstarter, so it’s worth paying attention to those who do. If you want to find out more, head on over to the campaign page, the official Twitter or Facebook pages.


    • Its been getting some attention on Twitch and Youtube by guys like Bikeman and PSYSyndicate etc. Publicity helps I guess.

    • They go into detail, quite a lot of it actually, on the kickstarter itself. They’re pretty brutally honest. It’s kind of refreshing to be honest.

  • Is success really the right term? Satellite Reign raised some money and have now created a successful game in that we can now play it and it’s good.

    They way the article is written/titled makes it seem like the game itself is a success not just the KS begathon. As far as I can see there is no playable build or demo (and wont be until 2016) so the quality of the game itself is unknown.

    I think we need to be very careful about how we talk about KS, many promises have been made and a lot go unfulfilled.

    • Kickstarter success isn’t the same as a successful game, but it’s a fair term when you raise over $100,000 — especially after your project already failed on the platform once.

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