Blizzard Has Trademarked Their Own ESports Service Called Compete

Blizzard Has Trademarked Their Own ESports Service Called Compete

Blizzard are putting their best foot forward when it comes to eSports, with the company filing a trademark for a new application designed to help organisers.

Called Compete, the filing is for an “online non-downloadable” application that helps users “organise and promote e-sports tournaments, to create and customize tournament brackets and ladders, track tournament progress, maintain related statistics, and post results”.

It sounds like a Blizzard-branded take on Challonge, the website used by tournament organisers all around the world to create, maintain and publish brackets for various tournaments.

Knowing Blizzard, and reading into the trademark description, it probably sounds like the application will feed into online ladders and pages. I wouldn’t be surprised if users had to sign up with their account and then the statistics from the tournaments were recorded by Compete and then viewable on the player’s profile page.

I’m a little surprised someone hasn’t gone down this path before. I wonder whether Compete — if that ends up being its final name — can be used for non-Blizzard tournaments. Probably with a lot less functionality, but it’d be nice to see.

Image courtesy of ESPN


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