Blow-Up Dolls Make VR Sex Worse

Blow-Up Dolls Make VR Sex Worse

Don't worry. This gentleman is fully dressed, and he isn't actually making love to this blow-up doll. Oh good.

Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

At this month's Ocufes, a regular event dedicated to the Oculus Rift in Japan, there were loads of VR demos to try, including this:

This comes via a thread on 2ch, Japan's largest bulletin board, which calls this VR demo "too awful". Perhaps, the answer is better blow-up dolls?

Blow-Up Dolls Make VR Sex Worse

There are no answers, really.

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    Nice of the guy next to him to wear sandals with socks, so they share the shame :)

    You left out the best part:

    I didn’t have a chance to take a look (closely) at the laptop screen running the game before the kid finished, when the developer suddenly asked me to try.

    I thought “what the heck, okay”, and put on the headset and grabbed the blowup doll.

    I was expecting to be greeted by a naked young anime schoolgirl or something similar… but all of a sudden I was transported into outer space above the Earth, and was greeted by a big, muscular black man with dreadlocks in a tight, white tracksuit.
    He started shouting “HEY MAN!! COMON COMON!! LETS GO! UGH UGHH UGHHH!!!” and started humping me, with techno music blasting in the background.

    WTF!?! O_O

    I was laughing so hard that I almost cried, as the developer pushed the blowup doll into me, shouting at me to hump it to raise my score.

    The blowup doll was rotationally tracked using an iPhone placed inside of it, and connected to Unity. There was a giant cosmic scoreboard hovering over the planet, keeping track of how many thrusts I made.

    Fireworks exploded over the planet at the end, and I had to regain my sanity and self-dignity before talking to the developer....

    He said that the demo used a model of a schoolgirl before, but the Ocufes staff explained that they couldn’t use it, so they swapped in this big muscular black man instead for the event.

    He hasn’t decided on a name for the game yet, but is tentatively calling it “Space Battleship Girlfriend”.

    Does the blow up doll really need to be wearing the little school uniform or whatever the hell that is? I mean the guy is wearing a VR headset, so he can't see it anyway.

    Presumably whatever he's seeing on that headset has something to do with amputees, too,if that doll is any indication.

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