Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta Will Run Until Tuesday Afternoon

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta is going to run for a little while longer.

The beta was previously only open for PS4 users who pre-ordered the game, but Treyarch since opened the doors to all fans for a brief period.

That door will remain ajar until 4:00 PM tomorrow, with the official Call of Duty account confirming the beta would be extended. (In case you want to try the time zone conversion for yourself, here's what I used.)

Those who play a game before the beta comes to an end will get a free PS4 theme. If you want to play the beta on PC or Xbox One, you'll get your chance later this week (roughly Wednesday evening/early Thursday morning).


    If it's free for everybody then I might give it a go. I'm tired of CoD but Treyarch has always done a good job with the series.

    I was going to give it a go, but my net is a couple guinea pigs in a wheel so it'll take me days to download the near 13Gb..

      Dude, be realistic. A couple of guinea pigs in a wheel will still be may faster than what we currently have.

    I think my guinea pigs died a long time ago. I just have a very slow wheel that turns from time to time.

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