CliffyB’s Latest Game Isn’t Called The Shattering

CliffyB’s Latest Game Isn’t Called The Shattering

We’ll find out precisely what it is in two days, but at least we know what it’s not.

The website has a big countdown timer and it’s not called The Shattering, even though there is a post from Boss Key community manager Rohan Rivas saying, “Welcome to The Shattering Forums.”

But it’s definitely not called The Shattering, Bleszinski tweeted. And as much as he loves Gears of War, it also won’t be “another shooter with bombed out de-saturated ruins”.

More information about … well, whatever it is … will be revealed early Thursday morning, according to the countdown clock on the website. It’ll probably be a shooter.

Although looking at the background image, it could work as a spiritual successor to Bulletstorm. Just saying.


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