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So SMITE came out last week for the Xbox One and is probably one of the first of the really well established MOBAs to come to console. So today I thought it might be worth talking about SMITE in general. Are you playing it? What are your thoughts on it?

MOBAs are pretty goddamn far from my speciality. They're more of an Alex Walker thing! That said, even I understand that SMITE is meant to be a more accessible MOBA to the likes of me: people who mainly play on console, who don't tend to play PC-centric genres like RTS.

And that's why it was the first to make it to console I suppose.

In a general sense: what are your thoughts on the game, where it's currently at, how you see it developing in the future? Do you see a game like SMITE being able to compete with the big boys. Is it already one of the big boys?


    I played Smite for about 6 months when it first came out. The game engine is beautiful and its a legitimate MOBA with great mechanics, but the community (and community managers) are garbage and elitist, and there is zero goodwill in the community in general.

    On that note, most console gamers don't really care about the community part so much as getting a good game experience through matchmaking and good latency etc, so I think as long as they can stick to what makes Smite a great game it should be overall a success.

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      Agreed, I played for a little while when it was in beta, and the awful, toxic community drove me away.

    I have friends who love it and are obsessed with it. I honestly can't get into this whole MOBA type genre so I never really enjoyed it.

    I can't wait until the developers move onto their next project and leave the community of their existing game hanging. Again.

      Is there a history?

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        Yep, see Tribes Ascend. Developers were pulled off that to work on SMITE and stopped supporting it. The Steam version is outright broken last time I looked.

          Oh they did Tribes! I always wanted that to come to 360 (I didn't have a good enough PC at the time)

    You know what the best console MOBA is... Monday Night Combat on the Xbox 360

    Still after all these years!

    Smite okay so far, I haven't had the time to take on a real match yet just been trying the practice modes here and there but one think that irks me is the right stick control is completely divorced from traditional aiming with the bizarre distance indicator on your reticle making the experience feel broken.

    Having said that there looks to be a vast amount of options to dug into that I could see this becoming people's main game but for a game aimed a console cried the HUD is way too complex and it feels like it's a little basic compared to the aforementioned MNC

    Still I haven't devoted enough time to it yet to give a real verdict

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