Crown Casino Puts $55,555 Into Australia's Counter-Strike Global Offensive Scene

The biggest home of gambling in Australia is jumping on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive bandwagon — and they're bringing two big names to the party.

Crown Melbourne — yes, the casino — has announced this morning that they will be holding a $55,555 invitational Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament on October 10.

The event comes courtesy of European eSports organisation ESL, which is responsible for a suite of tournaments over the last decade including the recent ESL One Cologne event last weekend, the largest CS:GO tournament to date.

The room hosting the tournament. Image courtesy of Crown.

Crown's tournament, which is being held at The Palms, is open to all Australian and New Zealand teams, but there's one catch — anyone who attends will have to go through two of the world's best teams to win, with North American team Cloud9 and the experience Polish veterans of Virtus.Pro.

Tickets for the event cost $55 and will go on sale from Monday, with those attending required to be over 18 years of age according to the terms and conditions.


    Crown are going to get a lot of good PR out of this. Well done!

    Think they're considering getting into gambling on games? Could see it working, if those cgi horse races can attract people games like CS-Go or LoL could.

      Already plenty of gambling with cases and keys

    I got a mate whos invited to qualify in this, so i hope all the tickets dont sell out before i know if he'll be in it or not

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