Dark Souls 3 Looks Familiar In A Good Way

Dark Souls 3 Looks Familiar In A Good Way

All Dark Souls fans got at E3 was a CG trailer to speculate over, but Gamescom brought our first look at gameplay from the latest sequel. Unsurprisingly, it looks like Dark Souls! Hooray!

I’ll need to spend some time picking apart everything that’s in here, but am I the only one who thinks Dark Souls 3 already looks more unique and interesting than everything in Dark Souls 2?


  • It looked pretty good, like there was a lot going on, crowds even, and the whole building the bonfire yourself thing looked pretty cool

    I must put some serious time into Dark Souls II before this comes out

  • As someone who has gotten platinum trophies on both Dark Souls 2 & Bloodborne, I am beyond excited. 😀

  • So now we have demons souls, dark soul 1,2 and 3 and bloodborne in two generations. Everyone is going to disagree but isn’t that a bit excessive?

    • 2.5 games per generation? Considering the last generation ran for 7 years (and still counting really) and this generation looks like it will do the same, I’d say it’s not excessive. Even if they release another two Souls games this generation it’s not really excessive. That’s not to say the formula won’t wear off. I suspect it already is for some.

      Assassin’s Creed, CoD, and FIFA/annual sports games to an extent, now that’s excessive.

    • I don’t think games/generation is a very relevant metric for anything.
      4 games in 6 years, that’s not so bad.
      But most importantly is there is always substance in each new game, it’s not just the same old same old (looking at you CoD).

  • I’m neutral on this at the moment. There were quite a few familiar enemy move sets and designs so unless there’s some major shaking up of the formula I’ll probably skip it.

    • Bloodborne only just came out this year…
      I bet it’s in development, FROM just aren’t the kind of developers to make a big deal about a game they are making until they are ready.

  • I love Dark Sols and can never get enough. But it scares the bejayzus out of me which is why I can never finish one of their games…

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