Defeating Enemies Increases Your Bust Size In This Game

Defeating Enemies Increases Your Bust Size In This Game

D3 Publisher hasn’t always been the most subtle developer with games like the Dream Club series and Metal Gear Panty-er I mean Summer-Colored High School. Its new upcoming game for the PS Vita, Omega Labyrinth carries on the D3 Publisher traditional unhindged libido wackiness with an unhealthy obsession with boobs.

Omega Labyrinth (see the visual pun right in the title logo above?) is a rogue-like dungeon crawler RPG where every time you take an action, the enemies all take an action simultaneously. By going deeper and deeper into the randomly generated dungeon, you can level up and obtain rare and valuable items, but your level is reduced to one when you leave, and dying in the dungeon causes you to forfeit all your hard-earned loot.

As a base system, the game is fairly straight forward, but it wouldn’t be a D3 Publisher game if it was just a “fairly straight forward” game.

The story involves the female students of the Anberriel Girl’s Academy. As the protagonist, you select students to navigate the dungeon to win the Cup of Beauty — a fabled item that will grant the bearer one wish. All the girls of the academy have the same wish: To increase their bust size.

By defeating enemies, not only do you obtain EXP, but you also gain “Omega Points” — the physical manifestation of “Womanly Power”. This power is, and I’m quoting here, “stored in the breasts. By gathering Omega Power, the girl’s breast size increases as well as their stats.”

The game will also apparently make use of the PS Vita’s motion sensor and rear touch pad for… stuff. Yes, the game is restricted for ages 17 and above.

Omega Labyrinth is scheduled for release in Japan on the PS Vita on November 19. No word on an international release.


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