Destiny, Sans Scenery

Destiny, Sans Scenery

Richard Lito is a principal animator at Bungie, meaning he's one of the main guys to thank for just how smooth and sexy so many of that game's moves look.

You can see showreels of Richard's work below, and at his Vimeo site.

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    the walker is the most impressive for me. i tried my hand at making a 6 legged walker in Kerbal Space Program using infernal robotics and IR sequencer. 2 hours in i had some of the walking complete but not even close to a correct gait. Animating something like that Destiny walker would take a heck of a lot of skill!

      Went straight for that one for basically the same reasons. Truly a triumph of simulated form and function....

      You have to take in to account that in Kerbal you are trying to make a functioning walker where as in this case you just need the illusion that it is. It's not subject to the physics.

      It is impressive though regardless

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    You can see where he's taken some previous moves and used them with Destiny. Very impressive overall

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