Destiny: The Taken King Will Leave Gjallarhorn Behind

Destiny: The Taken King Will Leave Gjallarhorn Behind

Remember last week, when Xur briefly sold Gjallarhorn in Destiny, a video game where you travel through space waiting for the other shoe to drop? Well...

Turns out our boy Gjally will be left behind when The Taken King comes out this September. While some exotic items — like Suros Regime and No Backup Plans — will get upgraded Year Two versions with better light and stats, Gjallarhorn won't be one of them.

Writes Bungie in today's weekly update:

Did you redesign Gjallarhorn?

  • Gjallarhorn will remain a Year One Exotic at Year One levels

In other words, soon we'll have new overpowered weapons to play with. Goodnight, sweet prince.

For more on how Destiny will change once it's out of beta next month, check out our breakdown of yesterday's stream on gear and levels.

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    Lol and this is why I'm not going to pay 40 bucks for more of the same destiny. It sticks to close to the same mmo formular they use in wow. Greens = better then the purples you got in the last expansion. Only difference is I felt wow was less of a slap to the face. Considering it was a better game with a lot more to do, no offence to destiny, but it just got boring after awhile and it stayed broken, that definitely didn't help

      If you're in America it's $40, but over here it's $70.

        But it has new emotes! NEW EMOTES!!! Throw money at the screen now, peasant!

          Aren't even those extra? I thought they were like an extra $10 for the new three.

    Its the Apple of Destiny guns, buy it now while its on sale because we releasing a new version in a few months making yours outdated

      At least it doesn't bend if you use it slightly wrong...

      I honestly feel that all of these Apple / iPhone arguments are now entirely relevant to Android phones. Every week I see on Gizmodo "check out the new Samsung Galaxy S12" or "HTC 23 on sale now". Every time a new iPhone is announced it feels like an event. Every time a new Android flagship phone is announced it feels like business as usual.

      Anyway I know you're just joking around, but it just got me thinking.

    Time to visit the Destiny forums for a good laugh. People gonna be so mad.

    Well I've had one since the 3rd or 4th week and I've found four more since then so I got my far use out of it

    I was on the fence about getting TTK, but I just found out it's $70. With the exchange rate the American price directly translates to $55, so they are putting an extra $15 on top for no reason.

    Fuck that.

      Technically, it's $40 US + tax - equivalent price here should be $60. Oddly, the CE is actually in line with the US price, once you account for GST - US$80 +10% is about AU$120.

        Ah yea I didn't account for tax, good looking.

        But still I'm a fair bit put off by it all.

          Yea, fair enough. It's still nearly the price of a full game in and of itself, and after the limited content in Year One, it's easy to understand why people are sceptical. I feel for the poor Brits, tho - 40 pounds (ie. AU$85) for just the TTK expansion is moronic.

            Yeah the poms are getting pumped, hard. Everyone outside of the US is, i'd pay 50 australian i guess, 70 they're kidding. I've already spent about $120 on it,, and i got destiny 2nd and lol

            Imagine all the people here that got the limited editions, the expansions and now they want another 70. Thats well over $200 within a year on a game, i've never seen anything like it :O

    This might just be the final nail in the coffin for me. Not just due to the gally, but its like they're just fucking around with us now. What other weapons are they going to leave behind? Man, we work so hard to get some of those exotics (gally aside), and now they just expect us to go through all that shit again for new ones? Yeah, the grind was fun for a while... but i won't be going through that again, only for next year to have this happen again.

    Wow... i feel better now that I've made that desicion lol I might actually play some of my other games now haha

      I find this game so baffling, yet utterly intriguing. I don't own it and don't plan to, yet I read as much as I can about it because it seems like all the comments on these these stories are from people in an abusive relationship. Most of them seem to know they are being treated poorly, that they're wasting their time and they feel like they're being taken advantage of, cheated on, and hurt, yet they are physically incapable of breaking free and escaping the shackles of this abusive partner. It's fascinating stuff. Good for you for escaping it's clutches, DENAz.

        Its like crack, it really is. The funniest part... I say that I'm going to quit, but my brain is already looking for an excuse to get the next fix. "Maybe it won't be so bad", "Maybe there will be a better weapon that I enjoy more", "Its expensive, but I already pay a lot for games, so whats one more" hahaha I need help, I really do :P

      Well think about it this way, how many games have you bought in this generation that you have played this long? Did you play Shadow Of Mordor so long that it had a "year 2" rollover? Dragon Age Inquisition? Blood Borne? I would say most people are already done with Arkham Knight even.

      Destiny's been the only triple A game in years that I have kept playing for longer than three months. It's had expansions that, while limited in the scheme of how many hours we want them to be, are actually far better value that most DLC content in other games.

      As someone who only just got Gjallarhorn after literally playing since the ALPHA, I am disappointed, sure. But i'm also looking forward to a completely different dynamic of weapon hierarchy. I hope this expansion doesn't have a golden boy that lets you brute force through any challenge the game throws at you. I hope there aren't "right" and "wrong" weapon choices in year 2 anymore. And I hope that Bungie learned from their mistakes and their challenges don't necessitate the need for cheap tactics to win.

      I've been playing Destiny for a year now, it's time to move on to year two, and that means letting go of old favourites and finding new ones. Am I pissed off at Bungie often for the choices in this game? Sure. Am I thankful that they have given me dozens of hours of enjoyment for the last year, something no game has given me in years? Definitely.

        I've got a few multiplayer games i've played just as long or longer, easily. You compared destiny to a heap of single player games, so your points invalid.

        Destiny is a fun game, and i'm all for supporting devs, the games became a massive money grab now though. In its defence, it's probably the best mp game on consoles atm, so bungie/activision now they can charge what they want lol

          Perhaps they are all single player games, even though DA: I and Bloodborne have multiplayer elements in them. But you know what is the same? The money I spent on those games. I feel that i've gotten my money's worth with Destiny way more than I do with many other full priced games I've bought this generation.

        Am still playing Battlefield 4 :)

        But yes, I totally see where you are coming from, and this is the exact debate I am currently going through.

        The thing that bugs me most is that they don't need to do this to the Gally, they've nerfed it (or will be), so it won't be the 'be all, end all' weapon anymore, and there will most likely be something better, so at least let us continue to use it if we want to. Especially those that put literally thousands of hours into getting one.

        Whilst I haven't been playing since Alpha, it has been quite a long time, and I'm now going to enjoy this awesome exotic for a matter of weeks before it just becomes anohter waste of vault space. I understood the legendaries, but the exotics should all become year 2 upgrades, I mean they can't just upgrade a select few and just leave the rest, that just seems stupid to me..

        I'm grateful for the game they've given me, and the enjoyment I've had with it, but I'm just no longer that excited about it anymore. I'm now left wondering what the point is in going for the new exotics, when the next DLC will probably just make them obsolete too

        I don't know, I'm honestly torn and cannot make my mind up. With Fallout 4 and Star Wars on the horizon, plus a whole pile of unplayed games on my pile of shame, I just don't see myself taking this any further. There is a whole heap more content yes, but this isn't a whole new game, so I can just see it becoming boring and grindy very quickly :(

        You speak the truth my man. As repetitive as it is the chance of rewards and the checklist of stuff to do every week keeps me coming back for more. I've purchased new games since that I've barely played because I would rather just knock off this weeks nightfalls instead! Or do that raid again hoping to get a sweet weapon.

        I've pumped more then 9 days of time into this game which is far more then any other console game I've played.

    Hmmm $70.00 for very limited content. Orrr on thd playstation store you can pick up Dragonage and all the dlc for $50.00 for 100+ hours of content.
    I just dont think there is enough to do in destiny at the moment and I feel ripped off by the 2 previous expansions adding 6-7 hours of solo content.
    Its a broken game.

    R.I.P dinklebot.

      Dragon Age: Inquisition was far more disrespectful of your time than Destiny is. That "content" they padded the game out with was meaningless and agonising. You're better off getting The Witcher 3 with its awesome side quest content. Even if that means paying more than what Dragon Age is selling for.

    Why all the hate?

    I've sunk heaps of hours into destiny and enjoyed every second of it (well just about). Tightest controls on an fps getting around.

    Of course they had to make year 1 weapons redundant (or nerf them) otherwise everyone would just stick to their old gear. They are bringing across a few to be updated. I only got Gjallarhorn for the first time of xur on the weekend... and I've been playing since launch... I've been just fine without it.

    Watching a replay of the stream yesterday pumped me up for TTK, can't wait.

    Even if the price is steep and it almost makes you feel like year 1 was an extended beta, I like the progress the game is making, worth every penny for the entertainment I've gotten so far.

      Haha I made an almost identical comment to this above. Good to see i'm not the only one who feels this way.

        Same here. 750 hours in to Destiny. Got my first Gally from Xur last week and smashed out heaps of bounties etc just to upgrade it and see what it's like. Completely agree with it getting left behind, It's stupidly OP. I now understand why everyone who had one was consrtantly using them.

        However, not so happy to leave behind my Vision of Confluence and Badger CCL, but looking forward to some new scout rifles.

        Last edited 21/08/15 2:18 pm

      Im with ya too mate. After all there is no subscription to play this so Bungie got to make money somehow. Im happy to pay $70 for what equates to a miserly $5.83 a month! For the amount of hours its going to give me its a no brainier really!

      100% agree over 700 hours and still like the hell out of the game so much I'm buying the destiny ps4 launching 15/9 which comes with the digital legendary edition and the ttk dlc along with those emotes and everything else, all getting paid for by trading ps3 +20 games for 233$ gonna sell my old ps4with my destinydisc for about 400$ with about 100$ left over to upgrade to 1-2tb hd so not all to bad

    After over three weeks of Destiny total playtime and purchasing my first Gjallarhorn from Xur last week. I feel cheated, but I know there will be other weapons to discover, upgrade, etc. Besides, the Suros Regime is coming back. I miss that gun.

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