Devolver Has A Lot Of Good Video Games And They're All On Sale

Steam sometimes has those publisher weekend sales. You know the ones — they're great. 2K or Bethesda puts all their games on sale and you go broke. This weekend Devolver is doing it.

I didn't realise how many goddamn video games they had published. There's a lot. And the majority of them are good.

Hotline Miami is obviously, the most famous (and greatest) of the Devolver published titles, but you most likely have that already. If you don't? It's like $2.49US. But it now. It's the best.

Here are a couple more that leapt out at me...

— Titan Souls is 50% off at $7.49US — The Talos Principle Is 66% off at $13.59US — Luftrauser is 75% off at $2.49US — Not A Hero is 50% off at $6.49US — Hatoful Boyfriend is 75% at $2.49

There's a lot more good stuff on there. One of the better publisher sales in recent memory, actually.


    Hatoful Boyfriend for $2.50? What a steal!
    (Still have 0 regrets about preordering it at full price though)

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