Disney Japan's Twitter Account Messed Up

Disney Japan's Twitter Account Fucked Up

Disneyland might be the Happiest Place on Earth™, but Disney Japan's Twitter account is one of the most oblivious places on the internet.

Take a Disney Japan tweet from yesterday:

Disney Japan's Twitter Account Fucked Up

It reads, "Congrats on a trifling day" in Japanese. Under that, it read, "A very merry unbirthday to you!"

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of when the U.S. Military dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Ceremonies were broadcasted on nationwide Japanese TV, and there were numerous news articles published online and in the papers. Trifling, it was not.

This isn't the first kind of Disney Japan Twitter screw up. As My Game News Flash points out, last year on August 15, the account sent out this tweet:

Disney Japan's Twitter Account Fucked Up

It reads, "Are you enjoying summer vacation?"

August 15 marks Japan's surrender, ending World War II.

On March 11 of this year, there was this tweet:

Disney Japan's Twitter Account Fucked Up

"Bring on spring."

March 11 marks the Great East Japan Earthquake , and the day is observed yearly by moments of silence.

Disney Japan's Twitter Account Fucked Up

"Giving you mid-summer sympathy."

On August 6, U.S. Military forces dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. Again, like the other dates, this event is commemorated each year.

Japanese people would be as aware of these dates as Americans are of September 11.

My Game News points out that Disney Japan's Twitter account typically does not post messages like this (instead, the tweets are typically PR, introducing movies, TV shows, events or products), making these questionable tweets stand out even more. Why were these dates selected, people wondered.

Disney Japan apologised, taking down yesterday's "improper" tweet and stating that its Twitter account would be more careful in the future.


    The first one was kind of bad timing. The rest happened to be on a bad day in the past but had no real link to it.

    The summer vacation one? How is that even bad?

      I agree. What's wrong with some lighthearted Tweets that have nothing to do with those events? Ashcraft mentioned 9/11 -- lots of things happen now on that date because America is moving on. I'd like to see whether there were actually any negative reactions to those.

      The first was a brainfart on Disney's part, though.

    The first one was obviously a brain explosion and stupid.

    The rest... meh.. is no one allowed to tweet, post or speak of anything else on those days? Seems a bit silly...

    As the above commenters have stated; the first tweet is definitely stupidity, but the rest seem rather silly to get worked up over. Are people not allowed to uplift others on those days? Do we forever have to walk around acting sombre?
    Sure, an event happened years ago that we commemorate with a minute silence. Does that mean I'm banned from tweeting the other 1339 minutes of the day?

    Last edited 11/08/15 11:32 am

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