Divinity: Original Sin 2 Has Surpassed Its Kickstarter Goal In Less Than 12 Hours

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Has Surpassed Its Kickstarter Goal In Less Than 12 Hours

If you thought the steam had gone out of Kickstarter, it hasn’t. Just take a look at Divinity: Original Sin 2’s campaign.

The sequel to Larian’s successfully crowdfunded cRPG kicked off in earnest this morning. It’s only asking for US$500,000, which is less than the recent Kickstarter for GRIP (the spiritual successor to Rollcage) and it’s only US$100,000 more than what Larian originally wanted to make Divinity: Original Sin.

Thing is: they’ve got it already. Just over US$557,000 at the time of writing, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes beyond US$600,000 by this time tomorrow.

It’s happened so quickly that Larian haven’t even been able to finish outlining their stretch goals. The studio also noted that they are funding the project themselves — undoubtedly from the success of the original D:OS — but extra funding would allow them to extend their ideas “a lot further than what our current budget allows for”.

The original D:OS was funded in 12 days. For the sequel to be funded in less than 12 hours is a wonderful testament to the community’s appetite for old-school RPGs and the willingness of people to invest in Kickstarter.


    • I had to grind for ages in that first town (not that I minded all that much!). But it all became too much for me on the next area.

      I think I’ll have to reinstall too.

      • cc @justachap

        bear in mind that there’s gonna be a reworked Enhanced Edition of the first D:OS coming very soon. Personally, I’m holding off on a second playthrough until that drops.

      • I hope the enhanced edition patch tweaks it for me. It got a little to hardcore/grindy from the get go and I got frustrated. I like hard but not scan every patch of land and still get one-shotted kind of hard.
        That and I got a bit lost. I like no objective markers so you have to read the journal but man did it do my head in there too sometimes.

  • So the first D:OS took 12 days, the second took 12 hours, if this one does well I guess the kickstarter for the third D:OS will make its money in 12 minutes…

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