Donald Trump Would Be The Worst Batman

Donald Trump Would Be the Worst Batman

Gotham City would be screwed if Donald Trump wore the Dark Knight's cape and cowl.

Bruce Wayne has a lot of money and a helicopter. Donald Trump has a lot of money and a helicopter. Over the weekend, this facile similarity emboldened the billionaire enough to permanently traumatize a 6-year-old child and America's Favourite Racist Rich Guy answered the kid's "are you Batman?" question in the affirmative.

Then, the folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live dubbed some of Trump's dumbest campaign quotes over footage of the late, great Batman: The Animated Series. It's a quick clip but got two good guffaws out of me.


    Lex Luthor has a lot of money and a helicopter, and became a USA president!

      Yeah, but Donald trump has hair.

        Are you sure?
        Are you sure?

          Oh. my. god.

          This is the day Clark Kent had lasik all over again!


            OMG HE *IS* LEX!

    Holy shit, those quotes...

      And he's actually leading the Republican nomination! Come to think about it, The Simpsons actually predicted a Trump presidency. *shudders*

        im of the mind that trump is actual a democrate in disguise and is only running as a republican to sabotarge the GoP from the inside

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