Dragon Ball Family Portraits


    That Krillin and 18 one is adorable, but 17 should still be there if Raditz made it into Goku's.

      I'm almost sure that at some point it was stated that 17 and 18 are only "siblings" in the sense of their development as cyborgs but they are not genetically related.

    Actually I'm pretty sure 17 and 18 are twins (the DBZ wiki also states this), so he really should be in the Krillin family picture.

    Also, technically shouldn't Pu'ar be alongside Yamcha? I'd argue that those 2 are family (Tho I kinda get the joke he was going for. It worked in the "kills by" images, here I'm just left wondering "Where is Pu'ar!?"

    anyone else notice Goku and Bardock has way too much hair? like hair within hair #hairception

    I like how the mortal enemy of a character is standing next to them in the first picture.

    Gohan to Cell. Krillin to Frieza. Android 16 to Goku etc.

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