Even The Bookies Don’t Rate Australia’s Chances At ESL One Cologne

Even The Bookies Don’t Rate Australia’s Chances At ESL One Cologne

It’s one thing to be an underdog in video games. But then that was back when people were just talking smack about on the forums. Now professional betting agencies are joining the fray — and the odds don’t look good for two Australian teams.

The world’s largest Counter-Strike Global Offensive tournament kicked off in earnest last night — and it’s not going well for us. Renegades and Team Immunity have a chance to redeem themselves and the Southern Cross later this evening, but it’s not looking likely.

That’s the opinion of the general public, anyway. But it seems like Sportsbet, which now allows Australians to bet on a variety of video games, doesn’t rate their chances either.

In most NRL matches, odds of $1.35 to $3.03 would be a walk in the park. $1.10 to $6? That’s a spanking and a half.

Betting on eSports is in its relative infancy so there aren’t any alternatives like margin or handicap betting, only the end result. And in fairness to Sportsbet, I don’t think even the Immunity boys are expecting to get a victory this evening.

Still, if I was a player it’d be hard to look at. Forums are one thing. Having that lack of faith crystallised on Sportsbet though? That’s no fun.

Immunity are scheduled to play just before 8pm tonight, while Renegades battle their French opponents Titan in just over 6 hours. Wish them luck!

If problem gambling is affecting you or someone you know, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.


  • Australia will continue to fail to be rated as long as the local competition is squandered by Team Immunity who have systematically monopolized and colluded to squash any hope of real competition growing.

    Its a sad blight on Australian esports that many behind the scenes have grown tired of witnessing. As long as the local competition isn’t allowed to flourish with genuine sponsors outside of the divisiveness of Red Bull other backers of Team Immunity, Australia will not rise from the mediocrity Team Immunity has been peddling for over a decade.

  • Oh great! Yet another sport that references gambling odds and essentially provides free advertising for the bookies. You’ve really gone the extra mile by spelling out what good odds are so that I can feel encouraged to bet on the other teams, and you’ve even linked Sportsbet to save me the hassle of a google search.

    I had really hoped to avoid this kind of behaviour with esports.

    So now we have “betting” and “sportsbet” tags – because “gambling” alone doesn’t quite cut it? Is this the beginning of a new commercial relationship between Kotaku and Sportsbet?

    Gambling is a socially desctructive industry that solely profits from people losing their money. It can be incredibly addictive and can (and does) ruin lives. If you’re going to post odds and links to gambling websites then at least acknowledge this and include a token link to Gamblers Help:

    • People choose to gamble. Bugger off and go play scrabble! Most of us adults are capable of gambling responsibly! Any hobby or sport is destructive when done irresponsibly. Seriously, I’m so sick of Social Justice Warriors trying to dictate grown adults.

      Get off your fucking pedestal!

  • Kinda funny since Renegades beat Titan.

    Immunity never stood a chance to be honest, but put up some solid losses, bar the thrashing from VP.

  • Easier to start a new one, but both Australian teams really stepped it up in their games.

    Rickeh definitely made an impression too. Lot of people in MM this morning to me were talking about how they regretted not putting a cheeky $10 or $20 on Renegades.

  • that would be the case if it isnt for team renegades eg ex vox, they will probably be the linchpin on getting sponsors for aus depending on how well they play in the next few years also the cheifs have been stomping immunity this split for lol, so yeah immunity was a huge giant in esports for aus but its been slowly widdled down to a smaller size, only immunity team i can think that has a hold on is probably the cod or halo scene and both are shit tier anyway.

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