Fallout 4 Won’t Force You To Craft If You Don’t Want To

Fallout 4 Won’t Force You To Craft If You Don’t Want To

You can go down the rabbit hole with Fallout 4’s crafting system, but if you don’t want to — that’s entirely OK.

People are already planning to take days, weeks, even an entire month off so they can just dive right into Fallout 4. Some are frightened about the hundreds of hours they know they’re going to lose to Bethesda’s latest adventure.

I heard one colleague mutter “oh no” the other day when they realised there wasn’t going to be a level cap on the game. That kind of news is almost a death knell for their social life, since they’ll be spending all of their time wandering the wastelands of Boston.

That might be enough for some people. So if the prospect of dealing with the crafting system on top of that is too much, then don’t worry — because you don’t have to deal with it at all.

In an interview with GamesRadar, Bethesda’s Pete Hines explained that the urban management mechanics were a “completely optional, freeform” element of the game that can be skipped entirely. “If you don’t care about that and you just want to play quests and play side quests, and finish the main quest … then you can just ignore all of this [crafting],” Hines was quoted as saying.

How many hours are you expecting to lose in Fallout 4?


    • Don’t remind me… must search everything, no bin, locker or toilet shall be left unsearched! Then just when you think you’ve searched everything, one of those ‘unknown location’ markers pops up on your map! lol

  • If you can finish the whole game without crafting then I feel its a superfluous feature. If you look at a game like the witcher 3, crafting is an essential gameplay feature on anything but the easiest difficulty.

    • It’s like you’ve never played a Bethesda RPG before.

      It’s exactly the same as Fallout 3, New Vegas, Skyrim, etc… Crafting/housing being optional and not at all necessary to finish and/or just play the games. All it does is serve to simply give you more to do should you choose to accept the content.

      • I have played all modern Bethesda RPG’s – From morrowind onwards, however I am simply talking about this game as its own entity, not discussing what they have done in the past.

        • But what they have done in the past is have entirely optional crafting segments. The are superfluous as some people don’t enjoy that. But for those who do it adds to the game.

  • I’ll be crafting, building… pretty much everything that you can do, I will do.
    I already know hundreds of hours will be lost to this game. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m gonna work my life around this game haha

  • This will be the first Fallout I get day 1 I’m hoping it wont be broken on arrival like a lot of games these days nothing like taking a day of work to find the game you took the day off to play wont work as it should.

      • I don’t remember any major issues with fallout 3 on release. Vegas was a completly different story, but 3 was near perfect from memory

        • Fallout 3 had it’s share of issues. To be fair though, games the size of these pretty much always do. Nature of the beast.

          • Yeah true, and to be honest I probably have forgotten all the small issues in my love for the overall game.
            That being said… I do remember the mess that vegas was when that came out

      • The release version most likely won’t have any game breaking bugs – it’s the patches (Like the one for Skyrim that made dragons fly backwards) that you need to worry about

      • Yeah… Bethesda games always filled with bugs especially on early version (I’m talking about the past Bethesda games btw). Hopefully this doesn’t end up like watchdogs…
        People are so over hyped about that game but when it came out, all hell break loose..

  • you know, id really love to read some new info on fallout 4 seeing as we are 90ish days from release instead of recaps from what was said at E3( this was said repeatedly at e3)

  • Will there be any acheivements for not searching not collecting bottle caps, not talking to anyone, not killing my social life again like I did for new Vegas?! I’m scared. Yet…November please come now

  • I’m a bit on the fence with this. I’m one of the old guard fans from Fallout 2 days, and the bethesda take on the franchise has never completely taken a hold of me like FO2 did.

    But that isn’t to say I didn’t find parts of FO3 enjoyable, just overall I found it pretty underwhelming.

    But the footage and information for FO4 so far has me interested. I’m just wary that it will leave me as unfulfilled as FO3 and Skyrim etc.

    • My problem with the shift from Fallout 2 to 3 must be similar to the experience I had with watching “True Detective” S1 and S2. If you approach the sequel as a new, fresh experience that builds itself on a completely new foundation with merely aesthetic similarities to the predecessor, then you might probably enjoy it.
      I was unable to not hold either up to its predecessor’s standard. From this POV, I can calmly and serenely say that Fallout 3 was an absolute pile of poo, New Vegas was a pile of poo and Fallout 4 will most likely be as well.
      Entering The Strip while expecting something similar to New Reno: crushing disappointment, followed by the embarrassing realization that someone actually thought that was cool.

      • Yeah, same goes for how I felt through virtually all of FO3. I try and push through, but basically the underlying feeling is always just disappointment.

        The Bethesda versions always just feel so bland. But I do suppose it’s partly due to the fact I can’t really step away from my recollections of FO2. So any new variations of that are going to be judged through that lens – fairly or not.

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