Fallout Shelter Breaks One Billion Sessions Played In Its First Month

Fallout Shelter Breaks One Billion Sessions Played In Its First Month

Everyone and their radiated dog has jumped on board Fallout Shelter, but these figures are still a little staggering.

It comes courtesy of an infographic from Bethesda showing the highs Fallout Shelter has enjoyed in its first month. Keep in mind that the late Android launch and being playable on PC as well is going to launch these figures even higher into the stratosphere.

1,082,650,875 separate sessions played in the first month — that’s utterly astonishing. The other figures are cool as well, but they all fall by the wayside when you consider just how successful Bethesda’s mobile tie-in has been.

It’s safe to say it might be the best thing to come out of E3 this year, and you have to wonder if other developers might try similar tricks of their own in the years ahead.

How much time have you spent in Fallout Shelter — and do you have any tips for making the most out of your dwellers?


  • Everyone and their radiated dog has jumped on board Fallout Shelter

    Not me. Maybe if it was on Steam but I don’t really like interacting with iPad games.

  • It does a great job of whetting your appetite for Fallout 4, that’s for sure.

    Just the characters and the setting bring all those fantastic Fallout memories flooding back.

  • I’ve concluded it’s not worth playing. It’s so difficult and when you get raided, or can’t defend due to roach attacks it loses it appeal fast.

  • My vault is getting so big that my time on the crapper turn in to hour long sessions. I’m sure people at work think I have some sort of bowel issue.

  • Yeah, most of those dead dwellers would be straight from my game lol
    I was doing so well… then those raiders came when I was not ready for them… now my vault contains 2 kids and a pregnant lady lol
    Lost count of how many times I’ve had to restart. 10th time is the charm as they say… right? 😛

  • Game is fairly easy, as long as you don’t overbuild rooms. Once you start doing that you end up with not enough power production, which chains, and causes other issues. As long as you send your best dwellers out, and then upgrade buildings over building new ones, it’s fairly easy.

    That being said, I don’t like how there’s no real end-game. I’m currently on about 80 dwellers, and once I hit 100 there’s nothing else for me to do or unlock, other than new weapons….There should be some other goals to achieve.

  • Is there any word on updates and bug fixes? 2 out of my 3 vaults are bugged andi can’t open the challenge screen to claim the caps that are sitting there.. so no new challenges.. which means no more lunch boxes

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