Father Uses The Oculus Rift, Cries Tears Of Pure Joy

We've developed a fair amount of cynicism for virtual reality, and that's healthy I think.

Prepare to abandon that cynicism as you watch this father cry very real tears of joy when using the Rift for the first time.

Some context: in this video the father is playing through the Apollo 11 VR demo using the Oculus Rift DK2. This man — as he admits halfway through the video — wanted to be an astronaut growing up so, for him, this is about as close to realising a dream as he is ever going to get. Watching just how emotional he gets throughout this demo is actually really powerful.

I think it makes me remember that, despite its issues and potential problems, virtual reality is an incredible piece of technology that — I believe — will change lives.

And maybe virtual tourism is the most important of those ways. Perhaps that's how this tech goes mainstream. Maybe it shouldn't be all about video games.


    Mark, you should really be getting your ass to Mars (Melbourne) to try out Zero Latency. That is as close to the true vision of VR as anyone has gotten so far.

    "I wanted to do this since I was a kid" really got me. As someone who's taken up becoming a teacher late in life due to never being able to get into the armed services (due to epilepsy from an accident), I know this pain all too well of never being able to do something you truly want.

    So yeah, that was a great clip Mark :) Thanks for sharing it :)

    Fyi, I don't see being a teacher as a 'fallback', I find true value in it just as much as I would going into the Airforce or Army.

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    Hey Mark! Thanks for talking about my video here!

    This is actually my dad's 3rd time using VR, but I feel that only adds to how powerful it is. Every new game or experience out there is different, and no matter how used to it you get, it can still blow you away.

    Once again, thank you so much! :D

    takes you to the moon and back

    when technology can evoke human feelings like you know vr has amazing potential.

    This is great! I think you are right Mark, and I believe the cynicism comes from a focus on VR as being mostly game related. This is a perfect example of the many other uses for VR that go beyond that and grants an experience to many people. I believe there was another article on your site as well talking about the VR uses for people with dementia (or a similar mental afflction). If VR can impact their lives for the better then it's an already worthy tool in my opinion.

    Plus due to a heart operation I had as a kid, I could never achieve my dreams to become an astronaut either. So I can really relate to this, just amazing, thank you for sharing! :)

      Actually, most of the cynicism comes from VR's past. There was a lot of hype around VR in the mid 90s. The issue was, it was bad, pure and simple. That's why it failed. Making people sick within minutes, eye strain, headaches, etc.

      Now with VR, we've solved ALL of these issues. Couple that with the technology to have extremely low latency head mounted displays, good graphics, and high framerates, it's no wonder that it's blowing people away.

      That flop in the 90s still looms in the back of people's minds unfortunately.

    Its great to see older men being able to enjoy the latest technology with their kids, thats why the Oculus Rift will do so well.

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