Briefly: "Feel the hatred of TEN THOUSAND MRGLGRGLGLBRGRGL!" This concept for a Heroes of the Storm skin that makes Murky look like Illidan is excellent.

CORRECTION: This post originally misidentified the character art as a skin concept for Murky in Heroes of the Storm. In reality, it's a Blizzcon exclusive pet for World of Warcraft. Chalk it up to wishful thinking on my part!

Via Reddit.


    BZZT Denied!
    Its actually the blizzcon pet for wow called Murkidan. It was datamined from the latest update to patch 6.2.2 on the ptr.

    Edit: nice work linking a redit post thats actually linking the picture from mmo-champion which is also on the offical WoW website

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    Does kotaku even research their articles? HOTS skin? Seriously?! You would of had to of gone to mmo-champion/wowhead to get the picture which would of specifically stated where it was from.

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    lol, learn to read the source before you post Yannick.
    Found this on mmo-champion today:
    This is the new WoW 2015 Blizzcon Pet.


      To be fair he did correct it and apologise for his mistake 5 minutes after the article was posted on the US site, the correction just hasn't been copied over here.

    I swear serrels is the only one on this site who gives a fuck about the content he puts up

      there is that new guy,

        True ! He's made some good content already , he even linked a few gifs without embedding them all into one article simultaneously ! Unheard of at kotaku for awhile now

    It's tradition for every Blizzcon to have a murloc reward.

    That said. A skin like that in HoTs would be awesome.

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