Final Fantasy Composers Tease FFXII Remake

Final Fantasy Composers Tease FFXII Remake

We might be one step closer to getting to see Vaan's emaciated, whiny abs in glorious HD.

At a Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert in Pittsburgh Saturday night, composer Arnie Roth randomly announced that yes, Final Fantasy XII is getting a remake, much to fans' surprise. Hitoshi Sakimoto, who scored FFXII, was also in attendance.

If this is true, it isn't exactly a shock — FFXII is the only Final Fantasy game you can't play on modern consoles — but it's still nice news for anyone who missed or wants to replay the adventures of Balthier and crew. (Fun fact: Final Fantasy XII first came out just two months before Final Fantasy Versus XIII (now FFXV) was announced.)

Roth might be incorrect or misinformed — and I wouldn't be surprised if what he really means is "remaster" — but he sure does sound confident about it. Via Final Fantasy Network, here's video footage of the semi-announcement:

It's abnormal for a composer to be making random announcements like this, so there's reason to be sceptical, but RPG fans have long predicted that a FFXII remake would be en route after the success of Final Fantasy X HD on PS3, Vita, and PS4. Prediction: Square denies this is true on Monday, then announces it on Wednesday.

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    Oh man. Please be a thing. I know there was a survey or some sort of thing from Squenix some months back attempting to gauge interest in a FFXII remake. I love FFXII so much - probably the most underrated in the series for me. I loved the world and the characters.

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      See I found FFXII to be boring, I finished the game and have no memories of anything that really grasped me. (I'm not saying you are wrong for thinking otherwise)

      Funny thing is I enjoyed FFXII: Revenant Wings on the DS much more, so much more it literally is FFXII for me.

      The most underrated game in the series is IX, but I'd like for a chance to go back to XII as I never finished it the first time round.

        See, I dunno - I think IX actually gets a lot of love. Justifiably so, of course.

          Well, it gets a lot of praise from media sources but by and large when I read comments or forums, IX seems to get overlooked when compared to VII, VIII or X. IX is my favourite FF though so I'll always say it's under-rated :D

      The first time I played it (day 1 on PS2) it took a lot of effort to get into it. Went back again a few months after that and had a blast.

      But I can't justify Vaan's friggin' voice.


        I have trouble justifying his existence :T

        I still love FFXII, though.

      Absolutely agree! This game was so incredibly and really overlooked. The entire world of Ivalice is so beautiful I just want to go there right now. Also, Fran in HD

      Aye, world, story, all the characters (except for vaan from an actual character point of view) just felt organic. My biggest issue were 2 things, the game wasn't designed to run on a ps2 so I personally have terrible memories of combat lag and ability queues and that the main character was more of a vessel to watch the rest of the story play out. Everything else was great, except for the whole "I'm Captain Basch von Ronsenberg!" section, almost as bad as HA HA HA HA HA...

    Fuck yea I would buy the shit out of that.

    A remaster is fine. But a remake? I mean, how many people were begging for a FF12 remake?

    Don't get me wrong, I like FF12, even if the story was non-existant I thought the gameplay and system was pretty good.

    Too many remakes and remasters these days :(

      I don't think this comment perfectly illustrated your frustration. I'm going to remake it so that people can understand.

      You know that buying them isn't compulsory, right?

      If it takes few resources to produce, makes money for our favourite devs and allows a new group people to share the experience, what's the issue? It's simply not an issue.

    Wouldn't mind an Xbone release, but if it's just PS4, I suppose that's another excuse for me to buy the bloody thing. Nonetheless, I am excited! If Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenix ever released DQVIII 3DS over here in the West then I think I will die of happiness.

      DQVIII 3DS looks horrible. They should've put it on PS4 or PS Vita.

        I'm not one for graphics or anything like that, so I'm not fussed. I would have preferred it in HD, but it's not even confirmed for the west yet, so even if we get it on the 3DS it's a miracle.

        There's always DQXI, right?

    I'm still disappointed the FFX remaster never hit PC, Hopefully this one does.

    This was a game that did WHAT X failed to do: properly reach me. I sympathised more with the villains in the game than I did the protagonists.

    YES!!!!!! XII deserves the HD beauty to really make Ivalice shine, connected with XII in a big way, much more then any other FF it always felt the most grounded out of them all..if that makes sense

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