Final Fantasy VII Comes To iOS Today

Final Fantasy VII, a video game about an angry man with mummy issues, will come to iPhone and iPad tonight with the next Apple Store update, publisher Square Enix announced today.

This is a port of the PC version, and it should be sufficient distraction for FFVII fans until the remake, which is currently scheduled to come out for PS4 and other platforms in 2073.

Also launching alongside the iOS version of Final Fantasy VII, according to the YouTube description for the launch trailer, is the Final Fantasy Portal app, which is a hub for all things Final Fantasy that even includes a mobile version of the iconic FFVIII card game Triple Triad. I'll check it out tonight/tomorrow and keep you fine folks updated on how cool it is.


    While I wait for a possible Android port...I'll just have to play it via my PS

    No mention of the fact they added the ability to turn off random encounters? That makes it tempting to buy as trying to play Bravely Default with no encounters is a great challenge. (I still haven't beaten it since I haven't worked out the right job/gear progression)

    Dammit, they have to bring it to PS and iOS, the two platforms I don't have. Dammit, I've been wanting to go throught this again for years now, and I would be stupid enough to pay $20 for it too!

    @DENAz you realise that FF7's also on Steam? =)

      Yeah I could, but dont really like gaming on my laptop :( i may have to make an exception though, as i can't see any other way to play it lol :)

    WTB the remake and have them stop wasting resources releasing it on every platform imaginable.

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