Five Minutes Of Mirror's Edge Catalyst Gameplay

Five Minutes of Mirror's Edge Catalyst Gameplay

At E3, we got a peek at gameplay for the series reboot, but now, here's a look at an in-game mission. A five-minute look, that is.

These security guards don't seem to be good shots.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst will be out in February 2016.

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    Looking good.

      Enemy animations look a bit stilted but still acceptable. I'm more worried about Merc apparently being retconned out of existence. Unless this is set after he dies I think that he's been replaced by this "Noah". Project Icarus has now become an actual runner named Icarus (?) Still, I agree that visually it is looking the goods.

    Far exceeded my expectations for a game that I never thought would get a proper sequel. Everything looks, handles and sounds like I had hoped it would, even the music is nice and atmospheric, picking up only at the right intervals.

      Yeah, I remember how the music would be very minimalistic until the action heated up, then it'd go techno. Awesome stuff. Faye Kingslee's sounding pretty good. Not sure about this "Noah" - he just doesn't have the authority that Merc had. Noah sounds a bit passive aggressive - "Oh yeah, of COURSE you're gonna do it anyway" - kind of deal.

    Eurgh. First-person felt so wrong for the original. Can't believe they're still going in this direction.

      Third person would just turn it into Assassin's Creed though.

      Man I loved the fact that it was in first person. I understand that some people probably feel a bit iffy about it, but for me personally I felt like it added so much.

      Now imagine if they added Oculus Rift support...

        I was skeptical at first about the original... And now I've played it too many times to count cause they did it so well! Gotta agree that it wouldn't be Mirror's Edge without it!

      A third person Mirror's Edge would be terrible..

        It would just be a 3rd person Mirrors Edge.

        No doubt it changes the feel, but it is what it is.

        Last edited 06/08/15 2:52 pm

    "Pre-Alpha" footage? Geez the word "Alpha" doesn't mean what it used to when I was a teenager!

      Hasn't for a long time.

      Go to the forums of any early access game and you see people complaining about this subject.
      Developers decide what each stage means for them now while people quote posts from wikipedia and exclude words like, traditionally, usually etc

      If you think of "beta" as meaning "mostly complete, still undergoing testing and bug fixing", then this could easily be from before that stage. For all we know, these are the only parts of the game polished to this level at this point, with the rest still under heavy development.

    Heads up! The collector edition is now live for pre-order from EB Games. $299.95.

      I'm not a collectors edition kinda guy, but that's not a bad statue as useless swag goes.

      No PC collector's edition listed. Makes an easy decision, at least...

        Apparently there is a separate SKU for the collector's edition without the game. It's cheaper and not advertised, but someone confirmed that Gamestop would take a pre-order for that SKU only, meaning you could get the game elsewhere (or digitally) if you wanted to. Haven't confirmed it works at EB but might be worth a try if it knocked ~$60-$80 off the price?

          Awww, crap. Yeah, they did that with Dragon Age Inquisition it looks like this will be a standard EA thing. Essentially they want you to grab the Origin copy and then you can go get the physical collector's stuff separately.

    Shut up and take my money. All of my money!

    I still don't like the art style with everything look like a cardboard cut out city but the gameplay is what it's all about and it looks like they've made the freerunning even sleeker..

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