Galak-Z Is Coming To Mobile Devices Next Year

Briefly: Galak-Z is coming to mobile devices next year, developer 17-bit announced today. How does a twitchy action game work with a touchscreen? We'll have to wait and see, but Galak-Z: Variant Mobile will apparently be heavily modified to work without a controller.


    Sounds like a terrible platform for Galak-Z. Great game tho

    After seeing a dev team member demonstrate it on a PSV at a bar in Osaka, I was really disappointed that a portable console was cancelled

    Can't make a Vita version huh?

      Yeah, I won't be buying this game at all until there's an explanation. Sure, the mobile version will be gimped compared to the PS4 version, but Vita players would not expect the same graphical showcase on Vita as on PS4. Something stinks here.

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