Gears Of War Weapons, Ranked

Gears of War Weapons, Ranked

As a series, Gears of War likely has the best weapons in any shooter, period. Many of these weapons are surprisingly creative — a chainsaw on an assault rifle?! — and nearly all of them feel great to use.

What I'm saying is: ranking the Gears of War arsenal is tough. In any other game, many of these weapons could have been number one. All the same, we are here to rank things, and rank we shall.

15) Mortar

14) Boltok

13) Cleaver

12) One Shot

11) Tripwire Crossbow

10) Breechshot

9) Hamer of Dawn

8) Frag grenades (Gears 3, specifically)

7) Retro lancer

6) Boomshot

5) Silverback

4) Lancer

3) Gnasher

2) Torque Bow

1) Digger


    But if you ask the average Gears player they will all rank the Gnasher as number 1.

    and quite frankly FUCK that weapon! I can complain endlessly about how the Magnum/BR in Halo turned players complacent, but that Gnasher destroyed Gears multiplayer. You can be a pro at the Lancer and still lose to a newbie spamming the Gnasher. It turned players so complacent that when the DBS or Retro Lancer killed them they complained endlessly over how broken those weapons were. They just couldn't handle a non-Gnasher game.

    I remember once during one of those weekend events there was a non-Gnasher gametype. Now, normally a good Gears player using a Gnasher will average about 11-15 kills per match (really high for Gears). Once during that event I managed to achieve 30 kills using rifles, at the end the only comment from the other team was, 'Man, fuck this rifle bullshit!' and quit out. Wanna know why I won? Because I learned how to use those weapons. I learned their strengths and weaknesses. I knew when to use them and I actually used the cover system (as opposed to only using it for wall bouncing). They couldn't even. They couldn't even deal with the idea that those weapons required skill to use.

      I disagree, I think the lancer variants took less skill to use than the gnasher. The gnasher involved getting up close and risking your life. With a lancer, you sit back behind cover and hold RT until the enemy goes down. The original Gears is still one of my most played MP games of all time, and the lancer was always considered the noob weapon because it took little to no skill to get kills. Such an accurate and powerful gun with an insta-kill melee for when people get close (but who can hate the chainsaw), it was always guaranteed kills.

      Now the Snub pistol, that took some skill to use. Popping heads of lancer campers with a little pistol was oh so satisfying.

    Use to play Horde mode a lot when GOW3 first came out, favorite weapon was definitely the lancer for that coop, steady dps, reserves well, and if you were canny enough could just play that cover game and chainsaw for efficiency.

    As a series, Gears of War likely has the best weapons in any shooter, period. Many of these weapons are surprisingly creative — a chainsaw on an assault rifle?! — and nearly all of them feel great to use.
    that last bit is a testament to the whole concept of 'weight' as a design consideration in character control, the rest... yeah you're kinda going "ooh look at these cool slightly different rifles that retool some of the WH40K concepts" in a space occupied by the likes of Painkiller and Saints Row 3-4, and parts of the loadouts from Halo and Serious Sam, not to mention the older oddities like Armed & Dangerous...

    The Hammerburst isn't in there at all, the list is clearly wrong...

    What exactly are you ranking them on? Effectiveness in battle? Design?

    And how were the rankings determined? Were there votes involved, or is this just one person's opinion?

      Don't bother asking man. Kotaku US writers have been putting up these ambiguous rating articles for months now.
      I heard it's some joke on the U.S. site, but they can't be fucked with the Aussies so they post for the clicks.

    Hammerburst BEFORE they limited the the speed on how much you pressed the trigger. I used to be more effective on that than the shotgun any day.

    I would have to disagree with your first statement... Bulletstorm had the best guns out of any shooter. Period.

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