Get Hyped For Destiny The Taken King With Fan-Made Fire Team Trailer

Get Hyped For Destiny The Taken King With Fan-Made Fire Team Trailer

This feels like the true Destiny experience — and what Bungie should be advertising.

One of the most fascinating things about gaming is the way players create their own experiences, even when the content they’re working is something they’ve done thousands of times before.

It explains why people are happy to spend thousands of hours playing the same map in DOTA 2, or why everyone isn’t sick of de_dust2 after what feels like an eternity.

It’s also why this fan-made trailer (sent in by Shaun, thanks!) for Destiny: The Taken King is so awesome, because it communicates the joys of that shared experience — while also subtly suggesting what the practical reality of The Taken King will probably be like: a series of Fire Teams.

The footage is the second creation of a “Fire Team” trailer focusing on the Oryx and Crota story lines, with the in-game audio chatter coming from the End Raid of Crota.

Are you excited for Destiny: The Taken King? Or will you be using the expansion as an opportunity to play it through the first time?


  • Fake. Didn’t have to sit around in orbit for hours on end waiting for people to respond to third party forum requests/invites. Bungie forcing players to come up with their own solutions to playing the game’s content is just the most mind-blowingly bizarre and ridiculous situation. Imagine if COD didn’t have matchmaking for its multiplayer and made people organise games outside of the game, it’d get ripped apart as the stupidest thing ever. Yet Bungie gets away with not building in tools for doing its pve content because… why? Why do we tolerate it?

    • I understand what you are saying.

      But I can also the see the flip side as well. I’ll be playing a match-made Strike Playlist and there will be an AFK player and there will be nothing that I can do to get rid of him/her. It is extremely obnoxious for them to sit around and not do anything but still get the rewards at the end. Imagine that this happened to Raids, and it most like will, if Raids were turned into match-made playmodes.

    • Because the gameplay itself is best in class. There is not a single game that comes close to the way Bungie feels to play, not even Bungie’s last game Halo Reach. People let Bungie get away with things because they love the game. There’s a lot of things that are wrong with the systems that support it, but the 30 second gameplay loop that constitutes the bulk of Destiny’s gameplay is spot on.

      Bungie’s also said that things are getting better all the time. They’ve proved they are listening to their fanbase (even if they often refuse to fulfil those wants and demands). They understand that a player who took the time to log on to a separate Destiny LFG group is far less likely to take that fireteam for granted and quit when the going gets tough (as it often does in Destiny). By leaving these tools in the hands of the playerbase, they make them responsible for the game, just as much as Bungie is. And that’s why Destiny’s players are some of the least toxic online. Because they’re all in it together.

      Videos like this are the distillation of that key pillar of Destiny’s design. Sure there are a lot of things that get in the way of that, more often than they should; but the idea of teamwork, coming up with solutions, and feeling truly responsible for your victories, that’s an empowering feeling you don’t get in many games.

    • There is what… 2 game modes without matchmaking? One being raids that simply could not be done with randoms anyway. Really can’t be compared with COD, which is soley PvP
      Don’t get me wrong, I see where you’re coming from, but it isn’t as bad as you’re making out, i played the game for over a hundred hours before I even got to the content that didn’t have matchmaking… and then when I did, i had no troubles finding a group

      • Yeah, that’s what I thought? Are all the co-op modes in CoD matchmade as well? I don’t remember because it’s been a while, but Zombies, Spec Ops, Alien invasion thing (forgot what it was called), and the Modern Warfare horde mode – were they all matchmade? Considering almost all PvP in Destiny is matchmade (except Trials, which is half matchmade) and only PvE content requires external matchmaking I don’t think the original poster’s comparison is valid.

  • I’d be hyped a lot more if they weren’t raping us on the DLC cost for those of us who have stuck with them through year 1…

      • Exactly how i feel. I want the DLC badly, not for $70 dollars though. I’d rather not support that kind of practice, i’d happily pay around $40 if the content is as much as they say it is…too many other games coming out i can spend that money on 🙂

        • You can buy the expansion by itself for $40. I don’t think Bungie went about selling TTK the right way, but at least they gave us the standalone version for a lower price.

          • Not sure where its $40? On the australian ps store its $70, for the expansion alone. Nothing else.

            If it was $40 i’d look at getting it for sure 🙂

  • Am looking forward to it, but the price is really turning me off.
    Am still tossing up whether I’ll get it or not. I want to… but that price really is a killer considering its more then I actually payed for the base game

    • Yeah it’s a tough prospect, you don’t want to encourage this behaviour, but at the same time it sounds like it’s going to be a real big step forward for the game.

      I think i’m going to buy it, but for Destiny 2 i’m definitely going to buy US version so I can at least pay the better (yet still gouging) price for DLC.

  • This feels like the true Destiny experience — and what Bungie should be advertising. have made in the first place instead of releasing a half finished game.

  • I bailed on Destiny a couple of months after launch because I didn’t feel I was making progress relative to the time I was putting in; I’ve spent the time since being blissfully uncaring of what was happening with Destiny. Then I casually read an article on how they’re fixing a lot of the problems with Taken King and – wham – hyped again, big time. Might not be perfect but I can’t wait to give it another shot.

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