Goal Kicking In Rugby League Live 3 Looks A Little Insane

Rugby League Live 3 is finally here in less than a month. I'm actually excited.

Big Ant Studios, makers of the Rugby League Live series and last year's Don Bradman Cricket 14, announced via the official Facebook page for today that Rugby League Live 3 would be released (for consoles only at first — a PC release is due out in a few months) on September 10 according to a video on the PlayStation Australia Facebook page.

There's just one thing: goal kicks can apparently have insane amounts of spin. Have a look at the ridiculous banana bend on Johnathan Thurston kick just inside the line.

The official trailer doesn't have a release date so we don't know for sure whether Sony fans will be able to get their hands on RLL3 before their Xbox counterparts. EB Games has September 10 as the official date for the Xbox release as well, however, so it's probably a simultaneous release.

I'm actually a little excited for this, although that's only because Don Bradman Cricket 14 was so many moons better than I expected. Over a decade of disappointments — culminating in the awful Ashes Cricket 13 — helped with that.

Are you excited for another Rugby League Live game — or is it all just sportsball to you?


    what the hell was with that lol that ball curled in about 10 meters. David Beckham couldn't do that!!

      Looks like you can catch your own damn goal kick lol

    In the part where they had Maroons vs Blues was that Michael from GTA V!!!!

    Despite their obvious flaws I've always really enjoyed these games. Probably because there isn't anything else, haha. Definitely keen for this, played RLL2 to death.

    That screen is from rugby League live 2.

    Looks about as fluid as a bag of duplo. Will download the demo.

    Bend it like Thurston.

      hahaha i know he likes to curl his kicks but my goodness! That conversion in the trailer was pure magic

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